The Big Picture: The Boot, Part One

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Speaking of the recent TMNT reboot, I personally find the 2003 version to be superior but maybe that's just me...

And yeah, taking MiB back to basics could be a very solid idea if fans and producers are capable of getting past the Jay/Kay thing.

Number 1 will be Freakazoid, and yes, I will shed a tear.

It would be grand.
This needs to happen, in todays social networking, always online setting it would be the most perfect thing in existence.

A new age Guimmi bears would freaking rock.

I just saw a replay of Terminator 2 and I realized something - Miles Dyson, the guy who supposedly helped Skynet come online, almost killed by Sarah, helps her and the others break into the lab with the tech from the first Terminator, has one of the most memorable death scenes in film history - what ever happened to his family? Does the son wonder what happened to his dad? What if when he got older he investigated and heard about Skynet coming back in T3? His mom knows everything - she saw the Terminator's true form. She wouldn't just forget about it and she'd probably have to tell him sometime what really happened. What if he became an unresolved link, like he could've prevented Judgement Day, but another Terminator got him or he died in a freak accident? That could undo EVERYTHING from T3 onwards, like a retcon that X-Men did with First Class, except it would make sense!

I've never had any cynicism towards MARVEL translating their heroes to film, and that's why I'm not concerned about the slightly more 'out there' Guardians of the Galaxy.
But I'd genuinely be surprised if they could integrate gritty Donald Duck.

I actually think Rocket raccoon is easier. Raccoons are easy to associate with supper hero qualities like speed, aggression and espionage, unlike ducks . And aesthetically, Howard is much cartoonier. Plus (and this is just assuming since I don't know much about Howard) he has to carry his mobster motif, while Rocket raccoon is more dedicated to his Alien origin, which makes him easier to justify.

But, MARVEL has been knocking their movies out the park, so I'd definitely give Howard the benefit of the doubt if they ever announced such a thing.

10: Meh, I'm not that old and it looks awful.

9: Well... I don't see that working out pretty well, I mean, I love the first two films, especially the second, but the way the second finished, it ended pretty well, the sequels felt kinda forced.

8: YES!!!, I still own the Beta (yes, as in Betamax, remember those?) I used to record the series!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

7: ALL OF MY YES again, but I can't see how that could work out with modern audiences, especially if they decide the CGI route.

6: Meh, as anyone else, I liked the first movie, hated the sequels and a big meh for the cartoon, it was okay, very watchable, but nothing remarkable.

I used to be a big fan of TMNT. I even liked the remake they did in the early 2000's. Maybe I should hunt this new one down.... As far as reboots, I like the idea behind most of these. Gummie Bears is my favorite. I watched some of that semi-recently. I really wanted to know more about their whole "last remnants of an ancient and powerful civilization" shtick, but the Saturday morning cartoon formula kept getting in the way.

No Bob, it's not the Big Picture, it's HALF of the Big Picture ;)
Will be interesting to see the second half.

I somehow hope that the duck and dinosaurs don't get a reboot... though nobody would force me to watch it, so meh... the other 3 could work very well.
Though some new IPs would be great, too. I hope the success of Game of Thrones and Adventure Time means we get more new stuff. But I'm sure we'll see many reboots in the future... good and bad ones.

Can't believe this hasn't been posted yet:
You're welcome.

I agree with most of this article, but I've never seen Dinosaurs so I couldn't offer an opinion.

One show I'd like to see rebooted is the Super Mario Bros show. There was a lot wrong with it, mostly the format; the live action bits were unnecessary (please don't haunt me, ghost of Captain Lou Albano) and it would work better without trying to stick so closely to the games.

Basically, take Adventure Time, replace Finn with Mario and Jake with Luigi, PB with Peach, Ice King with Bowser, throw in some Yoshis and you're golden. Tell me you wouldn't watch that until your eyeballs exploded, and you're a big fat liar.

Howard the Duck: why even bother?

Terminator: FUCK NO....just NO, Don't start given them idea Bob. The Terminator Story is done and the only thing left to tell is the story of kyle reese being sent back the past ...but unless james cameron or someone as good as james cameron is making film then is not going to work

Gummi Bears: meh.. couldn't they just show Reruns of all those awesome old Disney cartoons.. imea

Dinosaurs: this show is timeless and it has the most amazing SAD ending in the History of TV sitcoms, why make it again?

MiB: no...I have already saw I everything I wanted from the cartoon and the films never seem to get what made the first film so good... it would be just another self parody

Here is my Reboot List. I believe it is perfect in all ways. I'm including games because, well, some of them need a reboot.

10 - DinoRiders. A war where mutants and humans fight each other on dinosaurs mounted with rocket launchers. HOW IS THIS NOT A MOVIE?!

9 - Metropolis. A silent, black & white German movie from the 30s... and easily one of the greatest, most influential movies ever made that was so forward-thinking that we're currently using technology in this movie that didn't even exist when the movie was made. Star Wars stole most of its iconic concepts directly from this movie. It has everything: sexy robot women, class warfare, romance, action, highly relevant sociopolitical themes, mad scientists... Give this thing a modern budget, get someone like Alex Proyas on it, and watch it influence movies for the NEXT 100 years.

8 - ReBoot. Someone already mentioned it, but we MUST reboot ReBoot. Imagine the possibilities with modern CG technology!... and try to forget that the original 'ground-breaking' show looks REALLY bad nowadays. Though the key problem is not technology, but rather who could ever replace Tony Jay?!

7 - Parasite Eve. Parasite Eve was a revelation on the Playstation 1 in many areas. It was a strange mix of survival horror and RPG, set in modern New York City, starring a very sexy, but tough and smartly dressed, female protagonist. It dealt with genetics, eugenics, maternity, self-identity, fate, sacrifice, madness, and duty, all wrapped up in a smart narrative with great characters... and the last game, The 3rd Birthday, absolutely BUTCHERED the original in every single way possible. Every character, every story thread, every theme, all grossly ruined in such an embarrassing fashion that a reboot that returns to the style and themes of the original is almost necessary, if only to keep THIS monstrosity from being the pathetic exit this series gets. I want my Aya Brea badass cop back...

6 - The Matrix. Like Bob's mention of Men in Black, the original Matrix movie was lauded, rightly so, for being smart, bold, and fun. How then did the sequels botch it up so badly? Rather than exploring the world OF the Matrix (they showed us Zion, I guess), it returned to the same themes of the original and focused on Neo over and over and over again when, honestly, his journey was OVER in part 1. That's why the Animatrix is so good, because it shows the world of the Matrix as seen by others. For some, they dive into programs resembling feudal Japan; others explore the rise of the machines; others explore a detective tracking down clues to reveal the truth. It was fascinating, yet the movies squandered each and every possibility to explore a bold new direction for the franchise and, well, lost their fun along the way as well.

5 - Resident Evil. This series is so unbelievably, schizophrenically broken that I feel nothing BUT a reboot can salvage it. The once king of survival horror, the series that dozens of other games aped and copied and chased after, abandoned its formula in favor of chasing after the Call of Duty and Gears of War audience. Where once they led, now they followed, and the results weren't pretty. We've had so many shoddy Resident Evil games that have no clue what they even are, all while eating up massive budgets and angering fans, that it baffles me that a reboot hasn't crossed Capcom's mind. It's simple: don't have 700 people make the game. Make a small game, perhaps in one or two big mansions, with a cast of around 3 or 4, filled with monsters and death traps, and sell the game. Watch your profits increase. You're welcome.

4 - Captain Planet. With Don Cheadle. Yes. I'm serious. Though imagine if they cast the actors who voiced them in the movie! Jeff Goldblum as Verminous Skumm? Whoopi Goldberg as Gaia? Meg Ryan as Dr. Blight? Now would would be Linka and Wheeler...

3 - Metroid. This is sort of cheating. Is "ignoring" a certain game the same as "rebooting" it if you selectively reboot? I just want Metroid: Other M gone. Entirely. From history. Eradicated. Erased. Zapped from all humanity's memory like the Men in Black mind-nullifier thingie. Having played Metroid Prime Trilogy recently, and seeing how utterly amazing it is, I want a "reboot" going right back to that point and pretending the future is bright and sunny for my favorite franchise and game heroine.

2 - Mutant League. Every sport you ever loved, only with mutants, explosions, spikes, death traps, and buckets of cartoon gore. How can you say no to that? It's like "Saw" meets "American Gladiator".

1 - Voltron. Seriously. It's 2013. What the f***. Where is this? I haven't heard "And I'll form the head" in YEARS. That's a crime against humanity.

Number 1 will be Freakazoid, and yes, I will shed a tear.

Nah, Freakazoid falls under the same category as Darkwing Duck. It doesn't need a reboot, it'd just be nice to see more of it.

1. Howard the Duck....Mmmm.... I can't say much about it since I've only glimsped at the movie.

2. Terminator? Yes, it can be done. I'd like to see Jason Momoa try the role of the Terminator. He has the build up and intensity based on his caliber. I'd be willing to forget the Conan the barbarian remake. I would like to also someone who can BE threatening while he doesn't look it at first.

3 & 4. I've never seen those shows.

5. Yes, I'd see a tv show based on your concept of MIB

Can't say I concur with most of these ideas, but the Men in Black idea has some merit. The only problem I have with it though is that with reboots, you have to balance the baggage you bring with the franchise against the concepts and goodwill you get from it. Men in Black has plenty of baggage to drag down any reboot, and it isn't really offset by a lot of well-developed ideas from the franchise - as you said, a lot of the films focused on the J-K dynamic, not the finer details. It begs the question of whether you might just want to try a similar idea, with a new IP. But, all things considered, I think a reboot would be better than a new IP, if only slightly.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if Dinosaurs could be updated to continue messing around with modern pop culture and such in the sitcom format. If nothing else, it could likely stand out and be interesting just for the fact that we'll have more talking dinosaurs enjoying day in the life moments of prehistoric suburbia.

glad to see old howard finally getting some love :) ive always had a soft spot for that film. one of those so bad its good movies :D

I agree we need more Darkwing Duck episodes.

The only thing that needs rebooting is Salute Your Shorts or Clarissa Explains It All. I would say All That but isn't that basically the new SNL cast?

Regardless of Gummi Bears' good points and faults (I personally can't remember the plot of a single episode), it at least has gained my respect mainly because it was a great lead-in show to the more 'tween/young adult Gargoyles series. Thank you, Gummi Bears... thank you! :-)

that duck was creepy....

The Gummi Bears, "Game of Thrones, but with bears", so funny, i laughed so hard... and then realized, that there's more truth in it than apparent at first glance. I might really like a reboot of this!
And i totaly agree on MIB, i hoped for so much more after the first movie, even thought the animated series was ok as well but the other movies... just meh. Though, i would probably keep the wurm guys: While you could replace them with "any other" alien, i think they would be good to keep some light-hearted humor in any possible reboot, without having them to be "mandatory sidekicks" - most of the time they just hang at the MIB headquarters and sometimes participate in conversation, or even in action, that's how it was in MIB, the animated series and what they even got into the second movie as well.

For the others so far: I've seen them and i think i get your respective point and reboots might be cool, but i just care less about them.

Dan W:

I would expect Howard will make a cameo appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy. Additionally don't be surprised if he shows up in the currently running TMNT comicbook.

Since the Ninja Turtles are now owned by Nickelodeon, I can't imagine that we are going to see any cross over between them and any Disney owned properties.

There aren't many shows that I think would do well with a reboot, but M.A.S.K. might be a candidate. The original cartoon had some decent stories for its time. A new version with more elaborate vehicles designs/transformations could be interesting. I not sure if people would like the idea of the central villain being a terrorist organization though.

Maybe not the TV series but on the comicbook side of things crossovers are embraced. Its a win win for everyone and requires very little legal mumbojumbo.

Do I want anything rebooted? Honestly no, ok scratch that EXOSQUAD needs a reboot the show and toys were just awesome on top of awesome.

I hope Bob put on a red wig for this episode.

Calling it right now:
Because MovieBob mentioned Friendship Is Magic ONCE, and only once, this thread will become the site of yet another debate between bronies and their haters. Call me a cynic.
(And my opinion is that both sides have valid points, but they express them with such blind overzealousness that the ability to take them seriously is lost. See above.)

GAH! NO! BLEH! PLEASE NO! NO DEBATES! Don't make them come out! They can smell your noises! They can hear your heartbeat!

Can't we all just passively watch what we watch without making it a warzone between haters and fans?


1 - Voltron. Seriously. It's 2013. What the f***. Where is this? I haven't heard "And I'll form the head" in YEARS. That's a crime against humanity.

I take it you didn't watch Voltron Force on Nick, did you? They had different lions forming the head, each time pulling out a different weapon. They also had the good old announcing which body part they'll form with the classic William-shatner-recovering-from-a-severe-head-injury speed!
And Bob, this is a fascinating list with interesting choices, but I point out a few things: Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles was the tits, Amazing Spider-Man is not awful and way better than Raimi's turd (rhymes with third!) one, the new TombRaider is a prequel to the other games (but should have been titled as such), and the Hannibal and Bates Motel TV shows are more like prequels to the movies.

OMG... I disagree with everything 0.0. WHAT HAVE I BECOME?!

There's only one possibility for Howard the Duck to turn out: Like Garfield or The Smurfs.

Not sure I agree with your list, Bob, but it's certainly interesting and reveals the amount of thought you put in pop culture.

I would rather like to see Men in Black & Terminator added to and expanded as opposed to being remade. The movies are amazingly good and do not need to bear the risk of being replaced with potentially similar movies to the crap-spewing garbage of today.

Also YES OMG YES we so need DINOSAURS back! I watched it every Sunday morning when I was growing up in England and it just really helped in contributing to the end of a 'good week'. Two seasons is sooo not enough.

You just know Star Wars is going to be in the top 5.

I dunno if A New Hope will be on his list but rebooting Star Wars--The OT--was what came to mind for me, too.

As soon as I heard about Disney buying Lucas Arts I realized that it's just a matter of time before they remake the originals. Moreover I wouldn't be surprised if they start off with the prequels but re-write them to make them consistent and better (I love you, George, but you just CANNOT do romance, Bro).

I agree with everything in this video

expaclly re-booting the gummi bears cartoon

and I seriously question why there is not an MIB show already I mean a live action drama

Its not rocket science other "nerdy" prime time stuff is doing well but its currently a majority of fanisty (Once a pone a time, grimm, game of thrones, etc) we need more sci-fi stuff all that's out there is falling skies and if that crazy show can be popular a show based on a already popular franchise should do well

serously someone should right now go pitch this to someone MIB the tv show
how hard would it be just make CSI (well CSI:new york but CSI:new york is the suckest of the CSIs copy Miami that ones better I woould say las vagas but that one went down hill after grissom left) with aliens I am telling you it would be a hit

I read the title of this as "the boob"...sigh...brain...y you do this to me.

Interesting choice there Bob, so here's my take on each of them:

Howard the Duck: I really liked this movie as a kid, so I wouldn't mind seeing a reboot of this, especially with today's CGI and special effects. I could see the reboot as a TV series or even a web series, but not a full-length movie.

Terminator: Personally, no. The Terminator series has already had two "reboots" and both are just average in my book. Time to let this series go into the big Skynet in the...well, sky.

The Gummi Bears: I was an avid watcher of the show and it's home on The Disney Afternoon time block throughout my elementary school days. Now with that said, would I want a reboot? Honestly, no. Sure it was a great show in its heyday, but for me, I really can't invest in a show that I had a passing liking for. Now the TV show Bonkers, on the other hand, I could deal with a reboot since I really enjoyed that show, along with Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers.

Dinosaurs: I would watch this show on and off as a kid. It was odd, but entertaining. Would I want a reboot? Not really, but just like with Howard the Duck, I could see the reboot as a web series or maybe as an on demand type series that could later be put on DVD.

Men in Black: Yes, but only in comic/novel form. The TV series was just OK for me and the movies are just fine the way they are.

Can't wait to see what the next half of the list is next week Bob!

Yeah, Men In Black could make a pretty solid live action TV series. Take something like the V reboot's level of special effects with some funny and dark writing and it could be pretty nice.

You know what I want, Star Trek as a TV series.

Also a reboot of the Fire Emblem anime would be nice.

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