Feed Dump: Tigers, Cookies and Snakes

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Quick! Call Aang Lee for a perfect sequel.

Life of Poo
And part 3
Lift of Pi

Mat + Puns = <3

Hey, I just love (stupid) puns, ok?

MY GOD! Paul's beard returneth!

"Elephants on parade" and there's that band named.

During "This Hat": Last time Matt made this many puns, he got sent to the box for two minutes.

After the stinger: Yay, continuity!

I think maybe next time the label on the washroom door should be easier to understand. That way there won't be any more misunderstandings between either the women looking to use the facilities or the tigers.

I had a jacket just like the one Paul is wearing. I lent it to a friend of mine last week. I'm in Brazil. What the fuck did she do to my jacket

YAY! Paul is courting the Dark Side again...or is entertaining a neutral stance (Force Choke is too fun you know). In any case, stubble can only be good news.
Either that, or the process of producing Strip Search (http://penny-arcade.com/strip-search/episode/elimination-5) is becoming too much to handle.
In either case, one hopes Darth Paul will make an appearance soon.

Huh, I thought they'd already done the dinosaur-based intro at some point...

And that circus is gonna get all sorts of sued...

Huh... well that's a lot of pot cookies...

So if he only got 50 bucks... who wanted all those cobras and how did they plan to make presumably substantially more money off them?

I have to say this now. I will finish the video in a moment.

Salina, KS is pronounced, Sa-Line-A, not Sa-Len-A

Now I know how the French feel when Americans mispronounce the names of their towns.

Hey, this is the first time you guys did a story I heard about before I saw the episode. Salina (still annoyed about the mispronunciation, by the way) is only a couple hours away from me, and Kansas has this small town feel too it (word travels fast), so I heard about it through the grapevine.

I also heard that when the woman and child left, they told the next person not to go in because of the tiger, that person thought they were joking. Lets just say they no longer needed the restroom after that surprise.

Thank God no-one was hurt though.

Paul and Matt figuring stuff out, bad puns from Matt, people smuggling improbable amount of reptiles! This was like the archetypal Feed Dump upon which all Feed Dumps are based upon.

During "This Hat": Last time Matt made this many puns, he got sent to the box for two minutes.

After the stinger: Yay, continuity!

I had a feeling Matt was holding back this time though. Dont let them stop you Matt. Keep the puntastic flow going!

Kathleen makes an awesome host.

And yeah, I love Matt for his obsessive use of puns. Give the show that much PUNch.

... Yeah, I'll excuse myself now for such a horrible joke.

Love you guys... love you so much. This was great.

I think Matt has a really good point. Were they all actually pot cookies? 8000 seems like a lot. Seems to me like the first 100 were pot cookies. Then those were eaten. Then they realized they REALLLLY like making cookies!

No, see the first 100 were pot cookies. Then they were eaten, and the people making them got a serious case of the munchies. A shit ton of baking later, 8000 cookies.

I love puns and Matt was really killing it in this episode.

Salina, Kansas is pronounced with a long I. səˈlaɪnə (Suh-lie-nuh) No Canadian has the right to make fun of their southern neighbor's pronunciation any longer.

A moratorium? Surely you mean a Mattatorium?

(More puns please.)

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