Movie Defense Force: Showgirls

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i honestly expected this whole show to be more like this "if you look at the movie through a palm tree between 1 and 4 am and wear john lennon sunglasses it is awesome"

I laughed so hard. I will not re-watch showgirls, once was enough. But it was incredibly funny.

You have to re-watch it... Everyone has to see it twice, the first time you see it you shout be about 14 and be interested only for the boobs... The next time you should be a bit older and able appreciate the complete ridiculousness of the film.

Funny? Yeah I guess but it was funny in the wrong way. You watch this movie with your freinds and mock it all night, but it wasn't clever, zaney, or subtle. People don't derive any kind of pleasure when watching show girls, especially on the hummor side of things. I did own a copy of the movie tho.


Bravo Jim, Bravo. you have come up with the best pitch I've ever heard to watch this movie

I salut you sir. It is a bold explanation that works. You are a genius, ever thought of politics?

I might watch it, no, really, I just might watch it for real.
This might be the movie I'd make if I stopped giving a fuck and just went full crazy, while being drunk and high at the same time.

The cross-over explanation was hilarious
Poor Jessie, who could know that caffeine pills are so dangerous?

P.S. Also I don't think that Jessie killed Slater. I more fond of theorizing that Screech finally snapped brutally killed them all, except Jessie, and now Jessie is on the run, hiding from Screech.

That's it, I need Showgirls blu-ray in my collection! Now!

I like naked girls. OK, this movie has some. But, this may be the worst Defense Force yet. This movie was painful to watch. The story and characters make no sense, you cannot get involved. The sex is the opposite of exciting. My advice? Buy a copy of Sports Illustrated Bikini issue. You'll be better off.

I've never seen this movie, but after hearing that I just might have to now.

I was laughing at Jim's explanation of the Showgirls universe while he was trying not to.

But why does it make so much sense?! XD

Congrads on your third age gate. You're pushing the high score even higher.
Here's to three more.

I have a much simpler theory: How can Verhoven top off Basic Instinct? By making all female cast naked. I have to admit, I only watched Showgirls for the T&A.

Gods, even Jim couldn't keep a straight face while trying to defend this turkey.

Jim, I salute you for trying! I will never watch the damn thing (never watched "Saved by the Bell" either, though I can safely blame lack of basic cable growing up for that) but I laughed my head off at your attempt to show it as something with merit and value.

And hey, if the online video world collapses under a legislative monster, you can always go into marketing. As many before me pointed out, you've proven you can sell anything.

I am SOOOO Glad I watched the vid first. Amazing story.


Also, Grumpy cat: "Oh you can't see the boobs? GOOD."

Jim does it one more time, against all the odds. Is this the first movie so far that he just couldn't defend normally, and had to resort to his charm in order to sell it to us? I think this speaks volumes about how "good" this movie actually is. Still, now I want to watch it, damn it!

I usually can agree with Jim when it comes to these MDF videos, but this one was really just stretching it. The only way to make the movie worthwhile is to tie it into two unrelated universes?

What the hell was that age restriction for? Some mild naughty language? If this video warranted that, should every single Zero Punctuation have it?

Last time this was used on Jimquisition it was for footage of a guy blowing his brains out. This content seems distinctly more tame.

I always regarded Showgirls as being one of those magnificently dumb films that's best watched when drunk. I might have to give it another go with the Saved By The Bell/Twin Peaks context.

Jim, you got me in with that "Oh, Christ!" at the beginning and kept me in with your way-outside-the-box analysis. I tried to watch it on one of the premium channels, but I had to flip to something more watchable and less brain-meltingly dumb. I smell an over-analyzing showdown between Jim and MovieBob soon!

Sorry, I didn't watch saved by the bell and I demand high quality from porn then this.

I have never watched either of the properties Mr. Sterling suggests we view this movie as a combination of, and even so I adore the idea. It's fucking awesome and I'm still laughing at the thought of the new identity created after murdering Slater while on a Mountain Dew bender.

Wow, that explanation makes no sense, and still sounds better than Saved by the Bell: the New Class. I watched part of this movie once. Even for a hormonal teenager, the T&A didn't save a thing.

Okay Jim, now the big challenge: Battlefield Earth.

Hated Showgirls, hated Moulin Rouge, hated Burlesque, hated Rocky Horror Picture Show, hated Chicago, hated Sin City. Oddly enough I loved Flash dance, Grindhouse, Zombie Strippers, & didn't dislike Striptease.

Elizabeth Berkley looks absolutely atrocious with that hair style.

An Alan Smithee Film: Burn, Hollywood; Burn...

When it comes to defending movies, there is no bigger challenge than that.


the antithesis:
This is also why I don't know anything about Power Rangers.

That's not as weird as the Power Ranger fans knowing nothing about Voltron. You guys owe your entire childhood to Voltron! Get down on your knees and thank Voltron for giving Saban the idea. But now, I've lost you by two degrees of old-ness.

Actually, I was more into Star Blazers.

I usually can agree with Jim when it comes to these MDF videos, but this one was really just stretching it. The only way to make the movie worthwhile is to tie it into two unrelated universes?

I think jim made a pretty convinceing argument that these were not unrelated universes.

Well then. I have never seen show girls, saved by the bell, or twin peaks. So I guess this has nothing for me.

Even the great Jim Sterling in my opinion can't defend showgirls, even if taken as an unintentional comedy.

That said you've managed to do something even more amazing with this video and that is to give showgirls a reason to exist! Saved By the Bell and Twin Peaks canon, bloody genius, I salute you.

Jim is a surprisingly good liar, he was almost able to convince me he was actually defending this movie.

Haha, I might actually watch this now, if it's anywhere near as hilarious as The Room.
Also kinda disappointed that there wasn't any uncensored boobs in this video, seeing as there was age verification needed at the start, but oh well, you can't win 'em all.

I like the movie even a bit more than Jim does. The story is weak in spots, but you can see what they are trying to get across. Overall there are worse films with worse constructed stories and worse acting. The movies is lurid and weird, but that not a bad thing.

This is the problem Jim... I never watched Twin Peaks or Saved by the Bell, so I'm honestly not sure if you're a 100% serious on this or not. On the PLUS SIDE I don't have to care. Never cared much for either Showgirls or Elizabeth Berkley. I'm sorry to say Jim... still not going to. I guess it's the difference between a person who likes romantic comedies and someone who likes action movies. I'm sure Showgirls is a great movie of... some sort that some sort of person enjoys, you obviously on that list. Not for me unfortunately. Great show though! Mad funny and somewhat insane. Well done!

I'm guessing with Kyle MacLachlan's character, the coffee isn't the only thing he has to worry about tasting like fish.

When my friends and I had watched the movie after hearing that Jessie from Saved by the Bell was in it, we had decided in advance that we'd picture it as an unofficial sequel to the show and consequently enjoyed the hell out of it. The Twin Peaks tie in is a good idea though, can't believe that passed over our heads that first time. Shame they hadn't gone full tilt with the movie and cast the dancing dwarf in red as the stage director or strip club owner or something.

Argh, I disagree with the episode.

When the series first started I challenged Jim to do Twilight, to see if there was any redeeming feature in it. I was squashed in the forum and told that the series was to actually "rescue" good flms (or at least films that had good in them) from the bad rap that they have had for years.

Even Jim made fun at Showgirls. This episode turned into the "Hour of Love" where he is forced to find some good qualities in isolation of the whole movie. Sorry, but saying it is funny to watch does not cut it. If this is the case, then Twilight is in the running again. Yes, it is an awful movie based on awful books, but it has good photography, the location scouting was awesome, I am sure it must have good sound engineering... and yes, Twilight is fun to watch if only to get more material to continue the internet memes.

C'mon, do a real defence instead of cherry-picking

Jimothy Sterling:

Elizabeth Berkley. Strippers. Paul Verhoven. Everybody Got AIDS n' shit! What's not to love?

Watch Video

Is the showgirlsverse part of podtoid canon? And if so can we infer the showgirsverse exists within the buffyverse?

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