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As a soft porn parody that takes itself seriously? What's not to like? I double dare you to compare it to Demi Moore's "Striptease". Yeah... thought so. Showgirls is really fun to watch, a Total Recall but with more tits. I've seen many many Oscar movies which bored me to tears. Call me a hipster, but I've really enjoyed a lot of movies on the "Worst ever" list. Plan 9 and Hercules (1983) are so fun to watch that they might as well be on the "best ever" list instead.

Hahahaha, oh wow. That was one of the funniest vids I've seen today. I love you, Sterling! My wife was worried that the only reason this film could be defended was an immature declaration of "ITS GOT TIIIITS." To be fair, most of the people I've heard defend it are 13 year old boys. Buuuuut you have a point, and she actually agrees with you. I haven't seen it meself but maybe it'll work great for our movie riff night.

For the record, if you watch this movie at 2am when brutally tired, it's actually a really good movie. Because you're too sleepy and stupid to know better.

That was the best one yet, genuine lol.

I wondered what he was going to say as I actually enjoy Alien 3 and Friday the 13th, but think Show Girls is an awful sack of shit. Good one Jim.

That's some defence, Jim.

Sign 1. Yathzee likes nintendo game
Sign 2. Moviebob likes Nichael Bay fil.
Sign 3. Jimquisiting that tries to tell us a 2 year todler graphic novel is the best game to come out.
Sign 4. Showgirls is made by David Lynch.

Beware escapists, the apocalypse is coming this week. Capcha told me "seven signs", we already got 4, run for your lives, run now.

Mildly annoyed, I don't understand why we have to enter our DOB before watching some videos. I'm logged into my account which already has by birthday saved.

I asked the same question before. The staff response was that certain companies require age verification on the videos themselves and registered age does not work legally. Though that was for trailers, this however shouldnt go there? i guess in america they are still superobsessed with anything to do with strippers.

I may not be sold but I am amused. And yes hot that lady was indeed. Keep up the good work and check back in with us around the time you get to Bay's Transformers.

Bringing up alternate universes and mixed ones. Well, this one has convinced me at least. lol

Can remember hearing so many people talking about this as if it was some hardcore porn movie back in the dark ages (aka the time period before the internet existed)

How times have changed.

Also that last quote...ahahahaha

Well, it was mostly called sexist and a "guy movie", I don't remember anyone even suggesting it was real softcore. Pretty much a movie where the only redeeming feature was the eye candy, and a bunch of guys being able to see a girl they watched as kids (and grew up with) or drooled over as jailbait, wander around nearly naked.

This is also why it became something of a cult classic, and has been re-released in special editions with "extras" like a shot glass or whatever else. It's pretty much the movie you, as a dude, are expected to have seen, and which girls are supposed to hate.

As far as the movie itself, I'll probably get some flak for saying this, but if anything I think at it's core it suffers from being too realistic, as this kind of nonsensical banality is pretty much what you'd expect from the enviroment. The casinos that I worked for were not in Vegas, and did NOT have their own "showgirls" in their employ but DID have troupes of entertainers, dancers (ladies and chippendales both), etc... come through to put on shows. Likewise there were plenty of prostitutes around and such and well... ignoring the actual "plot" of the movie, the characterizations as far as they go aren't terrible, and to be honest if you've seen real dancers it isn't always as picture perfect as an A-list Hollywood movie, or music video shoot, and I think that's in part what they were trying to capture in making things seem a bit more spastic and less perfectly choreographed.

This doesn't change the fact that it's a terrible movie, in part because of the basic desician of "who would want to make a movie about this?" especially the way they did it. I guess what they were hoping for was a new generation version of "Flashdance" with a lot more darkness and an edgier tone, but had no idea how to pull it off.

That said, I was never a "Saved By The Bell" fan, but I did/do like "Twin Peaks" despite it's finale being a representation of pretty much everything I hate in this kind of production.

Now that it's been mentioned though, I would like to see a remake of Showgirls blending those universes, if for no other reason to explain how a certain detective resolved the whole doomed finale with The Black Lodge sufficiently to apparently get back to work. >:)

But then again, if I ever hit the jackpot I've always kind of wanted to make a sitcom about Casino Security loosely based on the truth and all of the truely F@cked up stuff that goes on, even if it's boring 99.9% of the time. I envision a TV show with a similar style of humor to "Night Court". :)

I like it, but Jim, man, modulate your frickin' voice. I have no problem with the style of your delivery, just back up off the damn mic. I shouldn't have to play with my volume knob to be able to hear the quotes you included from the movie without suffering ear damage from your sudden yelling reappearance on the audio track. Other than that, keep up the good work!

...I'm stunned.

This is, bar none, the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen. Truly, Jim Sterling is a being too good for this world.

If there was a way to squeeze one or both of those shows into the Tommy Westphall universe, suddenly this explanation of Showgirls would be entirely plausible!

the antithesis:
This is also why I don't know anything about Power Rangers.

That's not as weird as the Power Ranger fans knowing nothing about Voltron. You guys owe your entire childhood to Voltron! Get down on your knees and thank Voltron for giving Saban the idea. But now, I've lost you by two degrees of old-ness.

Please. Votron fans better start giving blowjobs to us Super Sentai fans. Who need to bow down to the great image of Spiderman.

Well I'm sold, Jim you've done it again!

Movie marathon idea: We watch all of Saved by the bell then all of Twin Peaks then top it all off with Showgirls! all the while trying to fig out the links between the two


Please. Votron fans better start giving blowjobs to us Super Sentai fans. Who need to bow down to the great image of Spiderman.

Well, first of all, Power Rangers was basically created from repurposing Super Sentai action footage. Second of all, neither Super Sentai nor Supaidaman ever aired on national television in the US.

By contrast, Voltron was a show widely syndicated in the US during the 80s, and its popularity created an opportunity, which Saban seized in creating a live-action take on the formula.

Bottom line, everybody (ten years younger than me) watched Power Rangers. But the reason they were conjured, is that everybody (my age) watched Voltron. You cannot say that the US was awash in Super Sentai merchandise in the 70s, despite its longevity in Japan.

Have to say, I'm mildly disappointed in this video. It feels rather against the spirit of Movie Defense Force. So far the series has focused on actually defending movies that have a, possibly undeserved, bad reputation. Showgirls, by the videos own admission, isn't that. It really is as bad as everyone says. Many people find it entertainingly awful and derive pleasure from that, but at the end of the day awful is still awful. There are already so many talking heads on the internet who promote bad-but-entertaining cinema, hoping that this was just a one-off for the series and not a precedent for things to come.

lol it was awesome hearing Jim try not to crack up as he builds up "the showgirlsverse".

Yep, I'm sold.

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