Erin Stout: Sage

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That was pretty great.

Hurt my feels.

Erin... is not a good person.

But that's been clear for a while, now, hasn't it?

Aww...Dibs on the last panel as my new avatar!!!!!
Isn't she a bit young to be giving bribes?

*Le adorable head tilt

That face was so full of win, amirite?

Yup, learnt that same lesson when I was about her age.


Don't trust anyone.
Dark but very Stout.

Those two qualities are actually the same thing.

But unlike the beer, Erin is WAY more bitter.
And that face, in the last panel, gets me in the FEELS! Erin, you monster!

I think the best part of this comic is that everyone has a take on what the ultimate life lesson is. :D

From "Don't pre-order" and similars "Be sure what you'll get before you pay for it" and "Don't trust people asking for money" to "Life is unfair", "Learn to deal with disappointments", and philosophical quotes that I'm too lazy to copy and paste here. ^_^'
My first thought was just something like "be careful when paying for stuff, without being sure of what you'll get" (I think I need to read more philosophy books. :/ )

Some people don't get to learn that until they're adults. Erin is a saint.

The ultimate lesson: Never trust a self-centered bitch.

As harsh as that was... I must admit it's pretty important not to trust just anyone especially when it comes to money.

I've been mislead and robbed (as in, cheated out of my wallet) so you have to be careful as to whom you're giving it to.
Also the last panel is very adorable, this art style really makes the characters stand out.

Man, that last panel
You can feel the death of childhood :(

Kid is Kawaii <3

What is the game they were playing? Can anyone make it out from the half screen?

I don't suppose Erin offers refunds?

Does EA?

You can just see the point where the girl's mind is blown.

This is kind of how I felt after Aliens: Colonial Marines preorder and actual playthrough.

Do not speak its name!!!!!

Also: good lesson. The final panel is heartwarming.

Let's all go pre-order some games.

RJ Dalton:
Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

And sometimes cruelty is its own reward! And in this instance, reward = $10.

Oh man, they referenced the song "I go chop your dollar" about 419 scams! My day is made. Thank you, Team Critical Miss.

Elementary - Dear Watson:
Reminds me of a phrase that I haven't heard in donkey's years... 'Fleeced... like a wooly pully'!

Definitely relevant for this one...

Also, what game were they playing?

I also wanna know what they where playing, cause i feel like i should know it .-.

love that they broke out an old NES though :D

To paraphrase Dogbert, the first life lesson is always the cruelest.

Lesson: Deny Friendship, acquire profit.

SO many ways to interpret the 'ultimate life lesson,' I kinda like it.

That is so adorable. And a valuable life lesson, too.

What is the game they were playing? Can anyone make it out from the half screen?

It's The Adventures of Bayou Billy for the NES. It actually came with a rarity that is Practice mode, which let you familiarize yourself with the game mechanics, which was driving, fighting, and shootouts, and two modes that you could choose depending if you had or wanted to use a Zapper. It's also has one of the most unique themes you'll find in the NES library, as the name suggests it's supposed to take place in the bayous of the deep South. Think Crocodile Dundee (part II if you know why) meets Dukes of Hazzard meets Commando. It's also got one of the best soundtracks as well, in order to match the uniqueness of the theme.

What's the tattoo on Erin's right back/shoulder?

And if I were that kid this lesson would have been learnt a long time ago...

Oh no! I'm not bitter about it or anything...

I don't really have antyhing to add to the conversation but I would just like to say that I keep seeing you among the first comments of a lot of Escapist videos and I admire that level of dedication. Also, your avatar makes me double over with adorableness.

...the fuck? I guess it took me a moment to figure out, and I'm still not sure about it, since I never had anyone ever pull that trick on me. You guys have lived with some assholes!

Here is your dlc?

Don't buy before seeing the product?

What exactly is the lesson here?

I agree with the story most kickstarters are scams

You can just see the point where the girl's mind is blown.

This is kind of how I felt after Aliens: Colonial Marines preorder and actual playthrough.

The moral here: Never give your money to a person claiming they know the answer to the ultimate question of life. I can guarantee you it'd go for at the very least 20 mil.

I think the lesson might be more specific than general. She explicitly offered Ultimate Enlightment TM:
"Anyone who asks for your money in exchange for ultimate enlightment is just going to take your money and you will not get enlightment in return"

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