The Big Picture: The Boot, Part Two

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I don't know what Bob is talking about with Harry Potter. I loved watching the Harry Potter series back-to-back. Please believe me when I say that the pun is not intended here, I swear it isn't, but the whole experience is rather magical.

I know I am late but I am still going to say it: Harry Potter is really an all the way through mediocre franchise. I mean it had its moments as a book series (and an all-star cast in the movie series). I however was not able to relate to a single character or character development at all beyond book 3 (or understand the logic behind more than a handful of the important decision made by said characters). This is despite the fact that I was in the goldilocks age of the intended audience throughout the whole series. The world was kind of cool but now when I have read one or two good (and classic) fantasy authors I feel sorry for people who got stuck with just JKRs work and did not move on. I mean, jsut look at all the plot holes and logical fallacies, generally stupid characters and magic doing whatever the plot wants it too etc.; it should be too much to stand even for young teenagers!

Anyhow, I would love for someone to take the world of HP and just ditch every single named character from the books and make something interesting that is not a retelling of the same story with just another Chekov's gun a bunch of times (depending on how you count it varies between 3 and 5 times). There are some fun things to investigate and some potentially intriguing journeys to have in the wizard world outside its ridiculously flawed educational system - I think...

I think rebooting a franchise should carry a restriction: Wait for the copyright on the last instalment to expire before you reboot it.

With the current state of copyright, that basically means no more reboots until about 2150. If you can get the laws changed to something sensible, like a flat ten years from first publication, then it's a perfectly reasonable condition.


Sort of.

I really don't think the whole Londo/G'Kar interplay could be successfully pulled off again. I mean, who could possibly do it? Peter Jurasik and Andreas Katsulas (RIP) were just too awesome in those roles. Who could possibly top them?

On the other hand, if it could be done... it would be awesome.

Also B5 would look great with updated effects. They did a lot of those with Amigas. Imagine what could be done with some real hardware...

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