Lucasarts Games that Deserve Another Shot

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Lucasarts Games that Deserve Another Shot

Disney should dig up these Lucasarts treasures.

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I had to actually go out and make sure that Lucasarts still owns Battlefront's rights, how do you mention Pit Droids and forget about the PS2 behemoth?

But yeah, I personally loved the jedi knight/kotor series because of their ability to make me a jedi. Not a specifically important jedi, but a jedi that's more or less ordinary until his actions dictate otherwise. When the Unleashed dude can pull a moon-sized ship from miles up in space and then walk it off, you just inflate the Force. Original Yoda was a green possum by recent measures.

Brace yourself, demands for Battlefront 3 are incoming.

I'd like to see another Indiana Jones game. The Fate of Atlantis is good, and they rebooted it for Steam a while ago; meanwhile, the Staff of Kings was... something that existed. Reboot that franchise without focusing on the Wii (or WiiU now, I guess) and it would definitely sell well.

Republic Commando was extra deserving of a sequel for one important reason, we were about to get to shoot all the Jedi in their stupid smug faces. The plot of the game ends about halfway through Revenge of the Sith, just before the order comes down the chain to gun down all the jedi. Now that has the potential to be a pretty darn snazzy sequel. . . Of course they'd probably ruin it by making you side with the Jedi or some other cop-out.

Shamus Young thinks that hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side.

Exactly. I think it was Penny Arcade's Tycho who lamented how there used to be stories about all the smugglers and diplomats and soldiers and pilots and criminals in the Star Wars universe, before every story had to be about the millennia-long holy war between two factions of demigod warrior monks.

Jedi were kind of cool when they had an air of mystery and detachment to them. But in the original trilogy there were still fleet battles to fight, Kessel Runs to make, bounties to be collected, music to be played, and ships to be gambled away in games of chance, and those never involved Jedi. Will we ever get a chance to play those people again?

If the Jedi Knight and X-Wing/TIE series ever get new chapters created, I think the best place to set it would be the final battles against the Imperial Remnant (After JK3) and into the Yuuzhon Vong War. Imagine blasting CoralSkippers and Dueling against living Amphistaffs. Ooooo......

For X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter (and all the previous incarnations), you could also put the Rouge Squadron series up there too. It just needs to remember to keep to aerial units for the most part - Walkers and speeders are kinda okay, but there is a point where fighting on foot just isn't the focus of the series' mechanics. Mutliplayer would also be nice, if done correctly, but that's more Battlefront territory.

Another game that comes to mind that explored the RTS genre, but didn't get much traction, was Empire At War. For a story whose canon expands over four major armies (Old Repbublic/Empire, Trade Federation, Separatists, Rebels/New Republic) and wars, Star Wars would make and still is a great setting for a RTS.

you missed battle front 3, but other then that and all the starwars properties, i'll be a bit bold and say some more monkey island. I dont know if it could make the transition from point and click to wahtever they would make it, but the humour would be appreciated. so would a remake of grim fandango maybe.

I could go for another game similar to Shadows of the Empire.

Good lord, someone else actually played Pitdroids. It was fairly popular with my family (along with the similarly not-actually-educational-but-called-that-anyway Droidworks*) possibly because we were a Mac household for years and there wasn't exactly a lot of choice in regards to games at the time.

*which was probably one of those 'better in idea than execution' titles, looking back on it.

I loved playing Tie Fighter back in the day. With the Empire portrayed as competent and not just kicking puppies for the sake of kicking puppies.

A game where you play as the Empire and have to deal with the terrorists (Rebellion) could be interesting if done right.

I could go for another game similar to Shadows of the Empire.

Shadows of the Empire is one of my all-time favorite N64 games. It'd be great to just have another game starring Dash Rendar in the same vein as Shadows of the Empire. There is very little lore regarding him after the events of that game... not that it matters much since Disney likely won't concern themselves with retconning EU stuff.

So, when you said "Lucasarts games," you really just meant Star Wars, right? Because I don't really think we have to worry about Disney letting that license lie fallow.

I mean, you took all the `80s games off the table as being too old (never mind that Ballblazer already got a PS1 remake); and you took all the adventure games off the table since Telltale has become the de facto torchbearer, I guess, though I've yet to hear about "Full Throttle" or "Grim Fandango" getting any sequels. But, okay, apart from those games, you apparently also forgot about all the great WW2 flight sims they did like Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe (which came from the same devs responsible for the X-Wing / Tie Fighter games); some console classics like Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Gladius (and some not-so-classics like "RTX Red Rock"); their Indiana Jones games - which, okay, weren't all classics, but there oughta still be some life left in this horse, given the ongoing popularity of the Uncharted series and neo-Tomb Raider; and Outlaws, still one of the best Western games of all time.

I know it can be hard to remember that there was life outside Star Wars at Lucasarts, but...well, there was life outside Star Wars at Lucasarts. :)

Dark Forces/Jedi Knight and the X-Wing series are the given ones, as already stated, but I'll throw in a serious underdog:

REBELLION: A really neat concept marred by poor pacing and a really, really clunky interface. The unbalanced sides (Empire employed brute force, the Alliance subtlety and diplomacy), the importance of characters (and the random Force-sensitivity... I remember a game where Luke determined that nearly everyone but Admiral Ackbar was potential Jedi), and just the notion of assembling a fleet of Star Destroyers to dominate the galaxy made for so much potential.

I concur on ROGUE SQUADRON. I'm a giant fan of the X-Wing series and its complicated flight sim controls, but sometimes you just want a high-calorie, simple snack and that was Rogue Squadron.

Technically it was before LucasArts and back when they called themselves Lucasfilm Games, but it would be fun to see modern remakes of RESCUE OF FRACTALUS and KORONIS RIFT (and/or EIDOLON, if you prefer).

I think I'm in love with you Shamus, I hope that's not alarming. I grew up watching my dad play some of these games they were among the first I tried so these are major nostalgic for me. I would love for a chance to see a new Dark Forces or X-Wing game. This is in roughly the same vein as X-Wing but I'd like to see another Rogue Squadron game as well.

Give me Battlefront 3, of give me death!

Or Republic Commando 2. That'd be cool too.

But yeah, those would be great to reboot/make more of. With Battlefront it was great fun to be on the front lines, fighting large groups of people. And in Battlefront 2 it was fun to play as Sand People and kill all the Jawas. And play as droids and kill all gun-guns. And play as Wampas and kill all the rebels.

In Republic Commando, it was interesting to see how the special-forces side of the Republic worked. It also has the best friendly AI I've encountered in a game, and I really want more games where the friendly AI is just as good. May as well be another Republic Commando.

Good lord, someone else actually played Pitdroids. It was fairly popular with my family (along with the similarly not-actually-educational-but-called-that-anyway Droidworks*) possibly because we were a Mac household for years and there wasn't exactly a lot of choice in regards to games at the time.

*which was probably one of those 'better in idea than execution' titles, looking back on it.

Oh god I remember Pit Droids as well, my grandfather used to import macs to Iceland and I spent hours on that bloody game(it was either that or play Heroes of Might and Magic(the first one) for the fivehundreth time) and the feeling you got when you finally beat that thing is not something you can get in this day and age.

I will 2nd Rebellion. Empire at War tried to catch the same essence, but I personally think it fell into the same trap of doing 1 or 2 things well and dropping the ball on the rest. Take the turn based and hero mission approach of Rebellion with a tweaked/boosted version of the combat engine from Empire at War, and add in a meaningful tech system and declare 4X victory.

Something I would love to see is a sandbox game ala Freelancer or X series. To this day I have not had the honor and glory of commanding my own personal Star Destroyer and that makes me sad. We have the technology, for the love of god make that game already.

What did I miss?

It's an ugly pile of bones... like me.

Whenever Lucasarts is mentioned the big 3 are also mentioned:

Battlefront 3
Republic Commando 2

Unfortunately the TORtanic is being called kotor 3.

In addition: Any adventure game LA made that was half-decent, Rogue Squadron, Battlefront (I'll even take First Assault with buggy gameplay because it never got a proper beta at this point), KotOR (a real KotOR 3 is needed), and honestly... could we get a Force Unleashed that isn't about Starkiller? I mean, the original concept art showed dark/gray Jedi and all sorts of non-standard adventures and possibilities, an entire party of allies fighting alongside the protagonist, and we all know by now that there's that cut multiplayer still on-disc for the first game that should have been included (it even had game modes from Jedi Knight II/III).

PIT DROIDS! I swear I was the only kid in my State who had ever played that game. I use to sit at the computer for hours trying to solve some of those problems. And when I couldn't solve the problems then I would make elaborate set-ups where the droids would run into each other in strange ways, because you know, science!

As a few people already mentioned...

Grim MOTHERF&%$ING Fandango!

I wonder who owns Zack Mckracken? That's where my nostalgia lies, but I suppose the other series already mentioned have wider appeal.

Ah good old Rogue Squadron, damn I remember some good times with that game, if Disney cares at all about any of this ip they're sitting on, a star wars flight sim damn well better be at the top of their list. I'd definitely like something new to scrub Rogue Leader and its crappy third-person shooter bits out of my brain.

Indiana Jones? There were some great ones such as the Atlantis one. And its a license that will not otherwise be utilized.

Battlefront? We must have more!

Fuck off, I loved Ball Blazer on my Amstrad back in the day.

I will never stop advocating for another Tie fighter. Give me a game where huge capital ships pound each other with broadsides while you're flying around in a comically under-powered and flimsy mook mobile desperately hoping a stray laser blast doesn't cut your unshielded ship in two.

I want new versions of "The Eidolon" and "Koronis Rift" as well as a Sequel to "Grim Fandango".
You shouldn´t treat Lucas Arts as if the alway had been just a Star Wars Company.

I never played The Eidolon, but I love the name.

Also... Shamus, you kinda started talking about "Pit Driods" there and never recovered. Ah, copy and paste I love you.

I will never stop advocating for another Tie fighter. Give me a game where huge capital ships pound each other with broadsides while you're flying around in a comically under-powered and flimsy mook mobile desperately hoping a stray laser blast doesn't cut your unshielded ship in two.

and not to mention having it reinforced after years of movies and games how utterly vulnerable the tie fighter was to everything and would be destroyed by someone sneezing too hard near by.

they will never give us something of the level of complexity of tie fighter again and at best it will be an arcade shooter purely because thats where they will make the most money. what makes me concerned however is that apparently is that level of complexity is too much these days for a good chunk of gamers

For me, Dark Forces II was Lucas Art's finest. I still have it here somewhere. It contained one of the most bad-ass levels EVER, which was literally the crashing of the Sulon Star. The whole thing was chaos, like a mansion, twirling through the air, falling through windows and doors, running on the ceiling; all the while fighting enemies who were also imperiled.

I want the foot-based onslaught of Dark Forces II, combined with some occasional fast-paced Mech city rampages from Shogo: Mobile Armor Division (Monolith).

Firstly, Battlefront 3 is something I require greatly, and a new Jedi Knight game would be GREAT - Jedi Academy was really well done, and even had surprisingly fun multiplayer, and I'd love to see where they'd take Kyle Katarn and Jaden in a new game.

But my all time favorite LucasArts Game That Nobody Ever Remembers?


It was this on-rails educational shooter where you piloted a giant freakin' snail who flew around various environments and you used his slime to shoot animals that had all been turned to stone by the evil Lazlo, punctuated by "boss fights" that were really well done animal quizzes with fun songs. The tagline of the game was "Fly The Slimy Skies". And it was GREAT.

Making good educational games that are still educational but also fun is exceedingly difficult, and Mortimer (along with the Magic School Bus series) was the best there was. Jump Start was good, but the minigames became repetitive, and the Math Blaster franchise only really picked up in gameplay variety until right before it was terminated. And of course there are all the uniformly excellent MECC games, but that's a different story.

Point is, a reboot of Mortimer with more environments/stages, greater diversity of animals, and more cheesy but great songs would be amazing. While I'm dreaming, can we have a new Number Munchers game?

Oh good god we need a Republic Commando sequel. Even by our standards now its a fantastic campaign to play.

Dude Republic Commando SUCKED, make BattleFront 3.....

Also Jedi Knight was awesome, Jedi Knight 2 less so and JA was okay at best.

What about Afterlife? That was LucasArts, wasn't it? SimCity style where you build up heaven and hell. I never got a chance to play it but it looked like a lot of fun.

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