Zero Punctuation: Injustice: Gods Among Us

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Oh no. you FOOL! Do you realize what you just opened?!

Catwoman's top?


...Well, I can dream, can't I?

In the game spectrum fighting games comes up right below FPS when it comes to interest (For me of course). The story is kind of dodgy, but you're there for the action so most times you don't care. But there's fun to be had so no real complaints come up. When you think about it both share the same unrealistic reality system; The player can take a grenade to the face then regen health (and lost legs) back within seconds. The fighter can withstand reentry to earth's atmosphere and stand up afterwards. Logic doesn't apply, but the illusion of logic (and physics) that makes it all exciting. "OMG, he got hit by the Batmobile!" is the reason the move registers as cool. Anyway like the FPS people can compete against one another (multiplayer) so brings people together and all that.

I'm a casual comic fan who a while back did some digging in DC to see what things I could learn about it and the only time I ever encountered Killer Frost was in the Batman Animated series (at least, I think she was in that, for like one episode...). I don't get her inclusion either. Ares also seemed out of place, tbh. And yes, Catwoman isn't very impressive, but if we're going to have a high point for her, I think we can do a hell of a lot better than Arkham City. She's crap in that by comparison to other things. I will totally agree that YES I wanted to see a deconstruction and consistent storyline none of the time-dimension-travel-bullshit. I wanted to see it all actually matter, instead it just becomes a convoluted mess.

Although I actually didn't dislike characters in the game, I actually found several characters quite interesting. Hell, I may get into Green Arrow comics after seeing him in both this and Young Justice -- I always expected a lot less than what I saw on screen with him in the game.

That last bit had me on the floor laughing.

Too bad I don't own any console(s), I would of given this game a try since I enjoy super hero movies, games and what not. marvel included obviously.

Thunderous Cacophony:
You could at least give Catwoman kudos for having finally saved up enough to buy clothes that actually zip up, as opposed to Arkham City where it seemed like a deep breath would push the game into Custer's Revenge territory.

When I played Arkham City I came up with the hypothesis that she had pulled off a successful heist, got enough money to get a boob job then afterwards realizing her suit didn't fit and that she couldn't afford the extra piece of latex to make her suit fit anymore.

OT: Great review, the circus seal comment really cracked me up. I'm not sure about this game, it looks fun, but I'm not that into fighting games. I might get it when the price comes down a little.

Wow, lots of hate. Personally, I'm having a bundle of fun with the game, just sad that they didn't include the 2vs2 tag teams as it would be fun to finally play 2vs2 online (MK9's netcode was absolute shit) and play tag arcade.

Not sure why people hate super moves. Yeah, they take a while, my friend went "wow, they're a bit longer than the MK9 ones, might get sick of them" when he first played, but I think I'm 100 hours into the game and still don't mind them and neither does he. I get you though, my brother hates them too. But piss breaks? I can't even take a drag of smoke...

The gameplay's not quite the same as MK9 and that's what I love about it. When I heard of the game, I figured it'd be a reskin of MK9 and hell, I'd be fine with that too considering I loved MK9 and just wanted more of it, but it does quite a bit of things differently. No more block button, have to directionally block (back or duck), character powers, bounce attacks, transitions etc... there's quite a few things different. The fighting itself is different too, felt weird as hell to me at start, coming out of MK9, feels a bit more like Street Fighter, what little I played of it. There's also the reversal attacks, which I don't think existed in MK9, but could be I just haven't figured out they were there back then.

Anyway, I find the game a bundle of fun, the multiplayer's great (no lag unless you're playing with someone really far away) and if it had 2vs2, it'd honestly be the best fighter ever made imo.

OK, I won't send you an email.

1) Killer Frost was a boring plain female scientist that got in the typical comic book lab/experiment mishap. Came out with ice based powers and a hankering for sucking out body heat as hers is frigidly cold as she is now a wild literal femme fatale. Think hot sexy female that is a cross of Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze but super powers instead of gadgets.

2) Howard the Duck or Iron Duck????


Caramel Frappe:
What turned me away from buying this game actually (saving up to get it) was the fact the alternative universe is introduced. Honestly wished that the developers stuck to their guns and kept Superman evil or say, events mattered. It's pretty much a way to show what happens but say, "Oh, it was all irrelevant thus never happened! Thanks for playing and working through the game though!". .. Mmh.

Um. But that's not the devs' call to make, it's DC's, because DC owns the properties on all of the characters in this game.

Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are both Elseworlds stories, too, at best....or at worst, they're total non-canon that is completely ignored outside of their own little video game "world". Does that make them bad games that are not worth your money either?

People need to understand two things:
1) DC is unwilling to let a video game dictate their comic book/movie canon.
2) Every single time canon has changed in the Marvel or DC universes, the fans have pissed themselves in rage.

DC is not exactly encouraged to change the status quo regularly when their fans refuse to change the status quo. And video game developers can't change the status quo if the comic book authors don't want to. Don't blame the devs, place blame where it belongs: superhero comic book fans and their refusal to accept change and evolution of storylines.

Besides, a lot of the Elseworlds stories end up way better than the stories in the regular universe anyways, because the writers have the freedom to go crazy and explore a larger array of new concepts and story ideas. The regular universe is pretty firmly established with character traits mostly set in stone, and so doesn't get radically shaken up on a regular basis....which in turn leads to stale, repetitive content (thus why the universes keep getting rebooted). >_>

Been reading comics for decades and never got people's problem with AUs and Elseworlds tales. Part of the point of comics are that Everything is an Elseworlds tale and nothing is more or less valid than another.

Hell you go into readin DC comics knowing that eventually the universe you are reading about will one day end and that you'll be reading about another one eventually once that story ends.

Also you don't go into a fighting game looking for a story, it's a welcome and well done suprise.

Not a big fan of the character models but they work very well in motion and the characters are very different in mechanics promoting learning new characters.

The screen hazards add so much to the combat with mobility and denial.

This is different and thus wrong!
I loled

2 James Earl Jones references/jokes in one vid, i'm pleased :)

I for one liked MK and like Injustice. Sure the supermoves are too easy to pull off. I don't think the X-ray/supermove should just be two shoulder buttons especially since other things that are less powerful are harder to do. I think these games took the genre in the right direction. The story was refreshing as it wasn't just "pick a fighter and beat the ladder"

The issues I have (and I'm not that good at fighting games) is that some of the challenges are ridiculous and that the system has some really messed up priorities as well as poor control mechanics in places and a terribly cheap boss in Shao Khan.

I'm pining for a game where you play as one of the civilians in the DC/Marvel universe.

You're just trying to get back home from work or down the shops to buy milk, but keep having to dodge the falling skyscrapers the supertwats keep knocking over in battle.

It'd be an interesting new take on the whole Stockholm Syndrome thing. Who are you going to sympathise with, when both supersides keeps superruining your day? And how would the superheroes and villains look from down there, on the street, from the perspective of a guy who just had his car smashed by an errant billboard casually thrown from the frey?

You should really read Marvels, a comic in the Marvel universe (duh) that depicts EXACTLY that, it's also well written and has fantastic artwork.

Sergey Sund:

I'd like to address 3 points in a polite criticism:
1) Yahtzee is basically not allowed to "look up" things for his reviews. He needs to judge the game on its own merrits, with no prior or additional knowledge. This is because you pay upwards $60 for a product, and not for that product PLUS a wikipedia article.
So when the game does not explain what those red buffs are then Yahtzee must complain. You play the game and have no idea what's happening - even when you pay attention as close as a professional reviewer? - then that's not the player's fault.
2) The X-ray moves are still a problem. Even with all the out-of-this-world fights happening all around you, the X-ray thing must pull you out of immersion. It's not about how deep your immersion is - it's about anomalies within the game withing the DC universe.
Following comic physics and DC in-universe rules, all these heroes can exist, these fights can happen exactly as they are .... EXCEPT for the X-ray moves. Even Superman can't use his arm when the bones are completely fractured. Batman with a pulverised shoulder can't throw his Batarang, let alone lift his arm.
These things break the logic of comic physics and are therefore suspencion-of-disbelief-killers.
3) As for Yahtzee not understanding a game. Yes, that is always valid criticism. Consider, though, that Yahtzee has only one week to prepare this show, the column, the poem-bit with Jim Sterling, plus all the other stuff I don't know about. So, even in that week, he can't play the game as often and as thoroughly as he'd like.
However, I don't think that is the case here. But since I can't argue that (I have played maybe an hour of the game) I'm gonna defer to you for this, and if "the game doesn't work like that" long-term, then IDK.
Still, the special attacks are a bit lengthy for my taste.

Thanks and good night.

1) The game DOES tell you what the red aura around your character is, it explains this in the tutorial and the move list.
2) There are NO X-rays in the game, at all.
3) I agree.

One more thing I'd like to add is Yahtzee is talking bullshit when he says he had to perform the moves in the tutorial, you can skip anything you are having trouble with (including skipping the entire tutorial).

Not enough James Earl Jones references.

Also, even though he doesn't really do "requests", he should have a look at Fire Emblem: Awakening on 3DS =D

Anyone else notice something about Yahtzee's reviews (such as they are) of fighting games in general?

Long and short, if you don't actively play fighting games, then yeah, most of what Yahtzee says probably holds some weight. If you do play a lot of fighters, then most of Yahtzee says makes him come off as either impatient, a complete idiot, or both.

No arguments about the story; it's pretty hard to weave an intricate story into a fighting game without making it like a low-scale film (like MK9) or a visual novel (a la Blazblue). But the assessment about some of the mechanics (like the Clash System; what Yahtzee's describing is more like how clashes worked in the DBZ Budokai games) and the inability to perform some rather simple maneuvers (really Yahtzee, you can't do a Bounce Cancel?) makes you wanna reach through the monitor and smack him right in the dick.

But as implied earlier, I play a lot of fighters, so a lot of things are common knowledge to me. Maybe I'm just tired of seeing fighters get a bad rap. :/

Hehehe... so the truth finally comes out...

Yahtzee DOES have a flip-top head!
Think of all the money he must save not having to buy Oral B Reach toothbrushes!

The duck. Always the duck.


"Suoerman either becomes fat or evil."
But... I liked 'Red Son' :(

He didn't really become evil in Red Son. He was raised by Soviets, so it was more along the lines of "lies, oppression and the soviet way"

Yeah and that's not evil at all...



"Suoerman either becomes fat or evil."
But... I liked 'Red Son' :(

He didn't really become evil in Red Son. He was raised by Soviets, so it was more along the lines of "lies, oppression and the soviet way"

Yeah and that's not evil at all...

Again, he doesn't really become evil in Red Son. He always was. This is admittedly me being a semantics nazi.

the game is good, dont get me wrong, but it has questionable balance. raven can stun lock you with a grab attack that can be used very rapidly, and you end up flopping around. a novice catwoman can put you in combos that a novice will never get out of. superman can do massive damage, and has (i believe) 2 to 3 moves that can be used to throw an enemy into the air. its lazy work, and it shows. i dont know how they balance games like injustice, but it obviously wasnt done right.

"I don't know what cars are for, so I'm gonna criticize how boringly round their wheels are". Seriously, Yahtzee, just stop. I mean, we like the wizeass, but on these games you sound like that cock that liked barley seed over a pearl (the first person to say "but it's totally logical" is a clinical nerd and should seek help).
And clash isn't a QTE, my gosh. It's actually a very clever system.

the game is good, dont get me wrong, but it has questionable balance. raven can stun lock you with a grab attack that can be used very rapidly, and you end up flopping around. a novice catwoman can put you in combos that a novice will never get out of. superman can do massive damage, and has (i believe) 2 to 3 moves that can be used to throw an enemy into the air. its lazy work, and it shows. i dont know how they balance games like injustice, but it obviously wasnt done right.

None of what you mentioned is inescapable. If you don't know how to avoid that, that's lazy work on your part, not the developers.

I still think this was better than MK9.

Neverrealms next game should be Street Fighter x Mortal Kombat.

...vs DC vs Marvel....vs Mass Effect...

It's actually pretty hilarious that comic books (even and especially mainstream superhero ones) are moving away from the ridiculous "look at my good stuff" costumes for their female heroes while videogames charge RIGHT on forward.

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