Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: To Game Or Not To Game

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"Behind every woman of success
a man ducks for his life."

Okay. That was just funny as hell. :)

Best ones yet :)

Father Time:
When Yahtzee revealed who the wife was I had to pause the video because it made me laugh for about half a minute. Well done, sir.

I did too. Then when he got to, "Some days you're just an office desk I've pushed on it's side" I lost it again.

And then when Jim's came on, I was laughing out loud again by the time he got to the third "I died".

Love this new series! Can't wait for next week.

So Yahtzee's equating the rocky chest-high walls to women, right? So what the hell were those metal slabs that sprung out of the ground with a switch in Gears of War 2 supposed to be then?

well I think he meant any chest high wall. mentioned a desk and all that.

and then the uninitiated of youtube mistaked this and now any time yahtzee makes a complaint against chest high walls they'll cry "but you said you loved them in your poem."

See I was sceptical of this show after last week. as good as these poems were it seemed that as much as I love commentary on the problems in the gaming industry, I was getting over saturated with it and this just seemed like it would become more of the same.

But this week I'm glad to see I've been proven wrong. As long as it is kept just fun and silly and about the love of games, or even poking lighthearted fun at them this will continue to be awesome.

Thanks Jim and Yahtzee.

Jim perfectly encapsulated my feelings towards Dark Souls. Bravo, good sir, thank god for you indeed.

*clap* pause *clap* pause *clap*

This has to be one of the funniest things I have ever heard. Both of them were above excellent. I didnt know if Jim had it in him before to do as well as Yahtzee, but he knocked it out of the ballpark as well this time.

Bravo, sirs. Bravo.

This is my favourite series on the Escapist now. Great stuff from both of you. Can't wait until next week

You both were fantastic this week. It's hard to pick a favorite. Love the music that Jim had set up for his poem, made it feel more awesome. Also, it sounds like Yahtzee has fixed his mike problem, his audio quality is much better this week compared to the past two weeks.

Great job by both of them but I was seriously impressed by Jim's Dark Souls poem. Considering all the references he used you can tell that he knows more than a thing or two about it!

Well done, gents! Jolly good show! if I had to pick a winner, this week it would be Jim. Sorry Yahtzee, your rhythm on your otherwise solid poem sounded a bit off this week, while Jim knocked it out of the park!

Loved the Dark Souls poem. Very nice.

Very good, both of you; but, please, no more video and music.

Yahtzee's poem was immensely entertaining. Really liking this series!

What timing. I just took a break from Dark Souls to see this. You've made my day, Jim.

hmmm... This one's a bit tough but I'm gonna say yahtzee's ode to chesthigh walls wins the day. Although Jim does get a half point for creative use of video footage.

Yahtzee - 2
Jim - 1.5

Insightful and entertaining, the prose commentary from two of the escapsists most thought provoking content providers is a welcome addition to the weekly line up.

Poetry is the opposite of prose. Prose is "written or spoken language in its ordinary form, without metrical structure."

Ah... Sterling's studio has always had bad sound quality, but it's always been easy to overlook until now. Maybe it was because of the addition of the dramatic background music but the poor sound quality was pretty distracting. Granted, it didn't change how amazing and moving the poem was (and if a poem is moving it's certainly successful), but I just wish the quality was better. He really should take a look at this informative video and learn how to improve the sound quality of his studio. It's certainly not an issue for Jimquisition, but the bad sound quality was just distracting in this video. I do hope that he tries to fix the sound quality of his studio.

Bravo to both bards. Keep the fun and insightful poetry coming.

This might just be my new favourite series. I love how Yahtzee manages to look like a complete lunatic when he talks. I am impressed with their work, I couldn't write poetry if you held me at gunpoint.

It's true, how can one not love chest high walls? Except the ones in Kane & Lynch of course, which don't' stop bullets for shit.

Had to watch this one before Zero Punctuation this week, good work!

If this was Youtube there would already be "10 hours of Yahtzee staring" videos.

This is my new favorite show on The Escapist.

So Yahtzee's equating the rocky chest-high walls to women, right? So what the hell were those metal slabs that sprung out of the ground with a switch in Gears of War 2 supposed to be then?

Those were of course Call Girls.

"Behind every woman of success
a man ducks for his life."

Okay. That was just funny as hell. :)

That made me laugh quite hard.

OT: Damn good work gentlemen, loved this weeks episode!

Best poem by Jim.

When I got to the top of Undead Parish the second time I managed to chop off the Gargoyles tail and thought I was on my way to victory when that second one appeared. I just about gave up on the game at that point. I can't take this!

While I like the idea behind this show, I'm really hoping for some different poetic verse. So far it's been the usual rhyming verse. Spice it up a bit guys! Get some sonnet action going! How about a little iambic pentameter here and there? What about some free verse?

Incidentally, my favourite poem so far would have to be Yahtzee's first since he screwed around with the rhyming verse a bit.

i love what you guys are doing. i would like to see you guys play off each other a little more every now and again as opposed to writing separate poems with similar themes.

Nothing screams fun more than a game where you constantly die.

Well done both of you.

Dark Souls was really one a kind game (Souls series in general).

Just awesome. This is my go-to show. I absolutely love it. Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooore!

Both brilliant this week.

Thank god for this thread!

Personally, as one of those subgroups who like folk/rhyme and video games then I applaud your effots: I now look forward to them.

So, to the nub, I run a folk festival every spring in Reading (Berkshire / UK).

Any chance I can use your inputs to date at an open poetry festival? (credited, of course)?


Jim, that was fantastic.

Love it so much :D

Jim And Yahtzee:
To Game Or Not To Game

Put on your poetry hats and join two of the greatest wordsmiths of our generation as they fill your ears with verse.

Watch Video

You need to stick a poll on these and see who "wins" each week and keep score make it a proper rhymedown.

Also keep it up, one of the best shows going.

As a Dark Souls fan, Jim's poem made my day.

Nothing screams fun more than a game where you constantly die.

There's a bit more to it than that, mate. You only die if you play the game like a standard rpg. The game actively trains you to rethink how you approach it so you eventually...stop dying.

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