Feed Dump: The Cray Scale

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Heres the one where Kathleen also almost pukes: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/feed-dump/5321-Death-Coaster

We must prevent Kathleen from ever seeing this gif.


Since some of you might be eating, I'm not going to make it an image rather than a link.

Wait, Kathleen and James haven't been together on feed dump before? Could have sworn they had...

Wait, what? Why the hell was that woman trying to do that?

Kathleen and James were together in the Van Dump episode. I guess, LRR has a no snot eating rule for car trips.

Those two have real chemistry between them, organic chemistry.

you should've waited with the james kathleen combination for your 100th episode special

James knows, James have seen her giving out orders too
watch your back James, I'm quite sure that mermaid is watching :(

Damn, James, you're disguting. You've offered her a booger from the bitter nostrill.

"Game Officials"

For whatever reason my brain processed that as videogamers. I thought there was some scavenger hunt for a Moose, and the 'video'game officials were having trouble keeping tabs on it. I need to get out more... :P

Hasn't OJ done enough already? :D

James totally won me over. Not from first sight. But Clerks references make up for A LOT.

Just like the prisoners, this one joke must get me through my entire week. Are you not entertained? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED???

And for the 99th episode of Feed Dump, everyone turns into 8-year olds the second they start talking about nose picking.

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