MovieBob's Re-Tales II: Tales From The Table

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And that is why I don't live in the Northeast anymore. The stupidity can reach soul-crushing proportions.

WHy does it surprise me more that there was a Captain N DVD set and not C.O.P.S.?

Glad you got out of here Bob.

Heh. Gotta love almost getting fired for being too good at your job. I had a very similar experience; I was working in a subsidized restaurant which wasn't making a whole lot of money. (it was part of a university, and there were 50 year old university policies that had the university paying way too much money for the place. And the members set all the prices by majority vote!) Anyway, we were woefully understaffed so I found myself being thrust into many positions I had no training for (like bartender, cook, host, maintenance - they had me fix a toilet. Like with tools and turning off the water to the place and stuff, instead of calling the university maintenance people for free.) and actually succeeding in doing what they asked me to do.

Which lead to my boss, on her 6th Rusty Nail of the evening (which she didn't pay for, naturally), taking me into the public lounge where at least 2 of the other employee's were currently working and explaining to me that if I keep doing all this extra work (which she was giving to me) that I'd have to be let go, because I was taking work away from the other people working there (who were being given their own arduous tasks to do regularly, and not given the chance to do mine). When she staggered off, one of the girls I worked with and I just stared at each other in disbelief. Three weeks later I found a new job somewhere else.

4 months later the place went out of business because we reached a magical threshold of losing enough money that the university legislation could be set aside and the restaurant closed.


And while you can teach sales tactics, you can't teach having wasted your life memorizing this stuff.

Amen, brother, amen. That's why I'm so good at my job (I'm a librarian who buys the DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs, and video games for the library).

I owe a great debt to whoever stocks the graphic novels at my local library - shelves weighted down with DC and Vertigo and interesting indie stuff, teeny tiny little shelf that Marvel has to share with Star Wars. Priorities, my friend. You got 'em.

Kind of interesting given the rise of the Marvel movies, and the fact that the comic book section is clearly marked by a large wall hanging of Spiderman and a couple of X-Men, but whatever. Keep giving me my pre-reboot DC books and I'll keep coming back!

Is it bad I still recall what the C.O.P.S. acronym stood for? That show wasn't even really all that bad iirc.

Nahh, I have it.

And to put an extension on it, here's some perspective:

Bulletproof (yes, it's one word in this context) FORMED this group by gathering police officers from across the country who each had a special concept in the term of "badass" and each one was fiercly loyal to him because he was more of a badass than any of them. He was so much of a badass that when he was shot the group was just staring out and needed to prove itself. The sane approach was to write him off as KIA and drop the idea. His team was so loyal to him that they brought him back from death (not near death, he was declared dead) and outfitted him with an impenetrable cybernetic torso (full upper body replacement) for no other reason than they couldn't let him die. Bulletproof was a superior badass in a group of badasses.

To add to this, this show was on at a time where "black" was interchangeable with "gang member" and here we have a role model not only refusing to be a part of that, but being on the opposite side of the law. He was one of the very few positive role models for black kids that earned his stripes.

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