Trailers: Rayman Legends - Mariachi Madness Walkthrough Trailer

Rayman Legends - Mariachi Madness Walkthrough Trailer

You'll need the eye of the tiger to defeat this level.

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Extremely creative level, this.

Not to mention the rows with friends when they mess up the music cues would be hilarious.

Wow....I kinda want a Wii U now...

EDIT: Oh it's coming out on the PS3 too! Awesome.

Looks gorgeous I want it :3

I love the use of music throughout the level, that's really creative. Also dat female character :D

You know if they keep up this level of creativity and fun throughout the game, I can see this being one of my personal Game Of The Years.

Shame hardly anybody is going to play it since Ubisoft, geniuses that they are, are deciding to launch it within a couple of weeks of GTA V.


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