Feed Dump: Feed Dump 100

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So how many of those Mars Bars did Paul get before one got stuck in the spirally thing?

That was exactly as awesome as it was supposed to be!

This may have been the single greatest video I've watched in a while. Here's to Feed Dump's 100 and another 100 more.

That was the most amazing Feed Dump.
I want more.

Happy 100th... er... birthday? Yaaaay.

Thanks for entertaining us so well for one hundred episodes, LRR!

That was glorious. NEVER END FEED DUMP.


Imp Emissary:

Also, where did you get the brain slug? It's cool.

I'm willing to bet Tally made it.

Thanks for thinking it might be me, but I can't actually take credit for this one. A LRR fan (I don't know if she wants her name shared or not) made it.

I loved Paul's "Mr. Sun is NOT my friend!" That made me crack up. And wow! Tally is the whiter shade of pale to sunburn THAT fast!

Yup, and naturally I got that JUST for Feed Dump. ;) I'm super dedicated!

That was AWESOME! Love you people.

100 episodes you guys are awesome can't wait to see wait do at 200

LRR moved a couch and a large chair up stairs and out a door for a 10-second bit, then moved them back through a door and down stairs. Voluntarily. That right there is some commitment.

The outdoors gag was hilarious. Loved it.


Cracked me up for a few minutes. So sad and sincere over such a person of dubious quality.

That was the best feed dump I've ever seen. It would have been nice to see bear hats though.

You guys have way too much fun. Please continue to do this forever. :D

100 Dumps! That is a LOT of dumps!

That episode was hilarious. Wednesday is now officially known as "Dump Day."

That was a show!

So I originally intended to say that this was the greatest Feed Dump ever... But the lovely individuals that have preceded me made my statement redundant already.

Instead I'll point out that Feed Dump seems best set in an interior of a structure or vehicle.
I want to see Plane Dump... Or Boat Dump... Train Dump? No, Wagon Dump.

"Impersonating an officer?"

I lost it!

Same, it's rare that an internet video actually makes me laugh out loud, but for that I did.

I need to stop watching these at work.

Beej's intro was so unexpected and amazing. Easily my favorite part of the episode.

LOVED Andy and Beej's reference to Monty Python's "Election Night Special" near the end.

Wooo! Kathleen is a Kiwi! Ha! That's awesome.

Oh my god so many allstars...

How the hell did that cop keep getting let back on the force?


"Impersonating an officer?"

I lost it!

Same, it's rare that an internet video actually makes me laugh out loud, but for that I did.

I need to stop watching these at work.

Thirded. There's just something magical about Andy. I remember I couldn't resist a little squeal of delight when he showed up in an episode of Eureka a few years back.

I almost cried this is so perfect.

A better landmark special than most of the stuff on TV, guys, well done.

Build an Iron Man Armor? I thought Kate wanted to be Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North.
Or did Gram claimed that when Rob Stark got killed.

LRR, never stop being fantastic.

This one had me laughing awfully hard.

EDIT: Also, was this practice for Desert Bus early? :D Good job, team!

This has to be the funniest Feed Dump there has ever been IMO, but I've got two things point out:

"I'm guessing he was a loose cannon and the chief was not gonna take anymore so he took him off the case" LMAO. (Or something like that.)

Wait a second, Jeremy didn't even have a cartridge inside the Gameboy at the end! I call foul! (Can't believe nobody commented this before.)

Ah man, that was amazing. I know that the nature of the show is such that we can't have the zaniness of this ep every time; but still, bravo good people...bravo!

100th episode lived up to its name!
Like the outside bit! Why did I knew, that Kathleen would be cold... :P

There was waaay too much awesome in this episode. All other Feed Dumps will pale in comparison D=

Yeah, this was easily the best Feed Dump ever.

There was not a dull moment in this at all.

Knew it was going to be a good one when I saw the video preview.

I always have to watch this video before Zero Punctuation these days.

Did James tear the Vin Diesel cut out in order to simulate the 14 million dollar blow job?

Poor Kate. Not the best choice of jersey. Not only is it hot outside, but it's full of fail after they were swept by the Sharks. :P

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