Trailers: Hellraid - Teaser Trailer

Hellraid - Teaser Trailer

Medieval zombie fighting is, quite possibly, the game we have always wanted.

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Nice triforce blood-seal at 00:13

Add magic to Chivalry and you have my money

So... it's got the story of Doom where demons are coming up and being rather demonic about things, the melee qualities of Chivalry or Dead Island (the melee being really the only solidly good thing about that game) and magic abilities that seem to be reminiscent of Skyrim.
Ya know, this may be an alright game if they don't try and bog it down with a bunch of multiplayer modes and other uneeded stuff. Come to think of it, if it actually uses the old doom system where there aren't any objective markers and all is organic and well, it might be a smash.

... Well I want one.

Looks quite awesome. Quite the Dark Messiah vibe I must say and nothing wrong with that! Keeping an eye on this one, could potentially be very awesome.


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