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I guess this is what Johnny is like when he isn't drunk. After his alcohol induced winter hibernation, he can now finally sober up and appreciate life. The reason he hates summer so much is because he knows that he has to start that shit all over again.

Or it's just Graham with a popped collar. Either is possible.

hahaha awesome. you have to do one for the other 3 seasons.

That fake punch at the end was just epic! Uh, it was fake, right?

Why would they fake it? It's just Paul.

I wish we had spring in my part of the country, we went straight from uncomfortably cold to uncomfortably warm. Must be nice to live in Vancouver...

Or Victoria, as the case may be.

As a resident of Arizona... Yeah, FUCK SUMMER.

Loved the sketch guys. Best one yet!

As a British person, I laughed so hard I broke my filling...

X Ways To Enjoy Spring

I'm vaguely discomfited by how easily and authentically Graham throws that lingo around.

Fscking hilarious. I had to stop the video a couple of times, I was laughing so hard.

lol...the best!

Damn straight son, summer can suck a big D!

Ah, majestic Vancouver Island. :) Way to go crazy in a hilarious way.


Spring is basically the best season ever, bro.

Watch Video

You guys know that now, you're legally obliged to do one for each season, right?

"Winter, FUCK YEAH! Got to get ALL of that pneumonia!"

Is this guy Jhonny or a new character? Because it looked like Jhonny took some time out clubing to enjoy spring.

I think I'm noticing a trend with Graham and popped collars. For the good of everyone around him, someone should be placed on full-time un-popping duty.

Wait... extra crew: Morgan, and you didn't put him on screen? Travesty!

That's ice cream from the beacon drive in isn't it, that shit is awesome... makes me miss Victoria...

Graham plays an excellent dude bro as proven by this sketch and Johnny.

Perhaps he was a dude bro in a previous life.

And the best f@£king thing about that skit is at the end and Paul with a bag of frozen peas. Peas are spring veg man, they come out in the f@&king spring! This couldn't have been more f#£king awsome if they had an a f@%ing spear of asparagus, dawgs!

Did Summer cheat on him or something? Cause I know if someone mentions Summer to me, I wouldn't punch them in the face no matter how much I hate Summer.

I like the fact that Paul looks confused. Im sure I would be too if someone dragged me outside and told me things withoutstopping so that I could talk :)

This was great, to see Graham acting all douchy again. Maybe Paul needs to use the Phailanite ring and kick him in the balls again.

10/10, would watch again.

Guys, this was by far one of your funniest sketches ever! It really hit home for me because my brother's starting to talk like how Graham did here.

Now we know what would happen if Bro Team and Macho Man had a baby.

So many questions about Paul and the ice cream cone... I don't know where to begin...

I Smell a new Gif!

I was about to say, somebody gif that NAO!

I feel ya Graham, Summer can go suck a big fat one.

Graham wants the d, vitamin d that is.

It looks like Graham actually hit Paul at the very end.

Did Graham get a testosterone injection before shooting this?

And that was awesome, son! YEEEEEEEEEAH SPRING.

Looks like Jonny's doing alright. Good for him.

You're anti-summer bigotry is offensive. Now show me on the doll where summer touched you.

LRR Fun Fact:

This was the funniest sketch, EVER.

I don't know if you guys can ever top this one.

I've got nothing against Graham (in fact I quite like him), but this sketch needs to be re-shot with Samuel L. Jackson in his role.

Graham kinda looks like John C. Reilly in the thumbnail.

I certainly agree with the G. Spring is cool; the sun is out all the time but it isn't crazily hot. Fuck summer though, sweat isn't cool.

Its the same voice he used during the PowerThirst DB6 skit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca9MpZRH-hs

That was very, very good! I enjoyed that thoroughly - and wholeheartedly agree with Graham's character!


Was chungus a reference to podtoid?

Was just about to ask this myself.

Long live chungus!

Jonathan Holmes is a lovely boy

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