Trailers: Borderlands 2 - Krieg the Psycho Launch Trailer

Borderlands 2 - Krieg the Psycho Launch Trailer

Welcome the next Vault Hunter into the fold.

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I got to be honest, I didn't like him before due to the high risk style (which is why i didn't use the ordered chaos tree for the Mechromancer) But watching some of his actions. I see that I can have some fun with the crazy though i won't be using hellborn tree but will focus on bloodlust and mania trees

He seems like a really cool character, but I think 10 bucks is a bit much.
Maybe get him when he's on sale or something.

Hellborn and Mania trees seem really awesome

Actually really excited for this, I've only had one character on BL2 (Maya, because Siren owns in both games) so It'll be nice to have a completely different playstyle.
Also nipple salads.

After learning what they did with A:CM I don't think I'll ever opt for BL" DLC let alone anything from Gearbox but that's just my say.


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