Which Resident Evil Character Are You?

As soon as I saw the quiz title, I knew I was going to get Leon. And I was right. Crap...

Well I got Leon... But by trying for Wesker. Now to see what my real life answers give me (probably Ashley...) and then to see if Wesker is possible.

EDIT: Round 2 - Real life answers gives... Chris?! I'm almost insulted...

EDIT2: A few rounds (Leon, Chris, Claire and Jill) later... I'm beginning to think Wesker might not be a possible result.

What is your favourite band as a multiple choice is a bit silly. I was doing realistically until I had to choose Tool.

I got Leon btw.

Leon Kennedy

"You're right. This is just the beginning."
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Yeah... some of those questions were hard to answer as none of the possible answers actually applied to me.

I got Jill Valentine.... I'm a dude...... gonna admit.... this sucks......

Claire Redfield

I'm finally here.
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I'm okay with Claire. I'd have preferred Chris, but she's still a Redfield. Close enough.

Got Leon and I'm okay with this since RE4 is one of my favorite games.

Woo, Leon! He's one of my favourite game characters. Seems like a lot of people got him, at least he's a good character.

Although I would have pushed Ashley into the zombies so I suppose we differ somewhat.

I got miss Valentine. Having never played the RE games, I understand she's a huge pain in the arse. Bummer. Is this because I really like Tool?

Chris Redfield

You can't kill me!
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I got Chris "Fuck boulders!" Redfield. Kinda figured I'd get Leon or Wesker.

I like Leon and all, but why am I him?

I'm so much more good-looking

Leon Kennedy

"You're right. This is just the beginning."
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I guess it was the travelling to Europe answer that got me this.
Some of the questions were odd, because my favorite classes weren't answers, neither was my dream job.

captcha: face the music
It was a tough split between Aerosmith and Tool for me.

Jill Valentine

The end of Umbrella is just a question of time.
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I've never played a Resident Evil game, but considering the quote I can't shake the feeling that I lost.

As far as I know Jill ain't that bad, though I'm not the biggest RE connoisseur, more, random facts and whatnot.

As for myself I ended up as yet another Leon, we should almost be able to become an army of relatively unlucky guys (first day on the job, assignment..). Still Leon is an ok result... and now I,m tempted to do a second try, just to see

edit: and second got me Jill... I'm gonna say either the loyal or cooking (Jill sandwich)

first i got Leon, then i got Claire..who's next Sherry Birkin,lol?

Leon Kennedy

"You're right. This is just the beginning."
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It was either him or Chris. I'm satisfied with this result.

I got Jill Valentine... Is that good thing? I know about the jill sandwich thing though >>

What in bloody Christ o.e
This was a terrible quiz, most of the time the answers didn't even apply to me and judging by what's happening here it looks like it spits a random result whenever you take it.
I know for a fact I'm Wesker dammit DX or at least Chris, I hate Leon <_<

Leon Kennedy.

Handsome, steadfast in the face of danger, a wicked head of hair?

Yeah, that sounds about right.

I got Jill Valentine.


I've never played any of the games so I really only know her from the movies. She's hot, sure, but from some of the other comments I wonder if I'm ignorant of something...icky?

Huh...I got Jill...well I guess I am okay with that seeing how as RE3 went on being hunted by the Nemesis felt just as personal for me as I am sure it would have for Jill.
"You want stars? I'll give you stars!"

Jill "Sandwich" Valentine.

I somehow guess that as soon as I started,"Bet its gonna be something like Jill or something...". Welp,I was entirely right!


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