LoadingReadyRun: The 500th Video

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The 500th Video

LoadingReadyRun uses it's 500th weekly update, to reflect on the first 499.

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Congratulations! And it was 33 hours well spent, over the course of these past five years I've known you folks exist.

Here's to 500 more episodes, with more people being hit in the nuts by mechanized shoe contraptions.

Love the videos guys

And thank you for creating so much awesomeness.

Jokes about the YouTube commentariat never get old. Keep up the good work guys, here's to 500 more!

Here's to 500 episodes of gratuitous violence! I think that was 33 hours of my life well spent.

I love you guys so much, oh and I'd completely go gay for you Graham and Paul.
Just wanted you to know.

Yay! Good on you for 500 videos, if only I could watch them all, I've seen all the ones that I can find in the archive but some are still missing. When can we get the Loading Ready Rumble Re-uploaded?

Also, it had to be said
Love the video guys!
And by love, I mean Adore
And by you guys I mean you funny people,
And by videos I mean some of the best content on the web

EDIT: I just saw you guys uploaded the Loading Ready Rumble to your Youtube. Thanks a lot!

Woah, that's really cool. Props, everyone!

I only wish I'd found you sooner

...is what your mom said to me last night :P

Seriously, though keep up the good work and gratuitous violence.

The "...our funny hat collection rivals even that of the Vatican!" line had me in stitches. Nice work guys.

LRR and all it's videos have become some of the highlights of my week. Especially over the last couple of years. Hope you guys never stop doing this stuff! :)

LRR has a podcast?.. oh its even a video podcast.

Congrats on 500 videos!!

*My brother walks in near the end*
Him: That must hurt!
Me: They're all fake.
*last one*
Me: Okay, that ones real(lol)

I'm really hoping that Shoe-Bot is the Moon Base security.

Well done on wasting your lives making dumb jokes on the internet, so people like me can waste our lives watching them! (On a related note, where's Unskippable?)

You have 500 videos, but only 3 PS3s.

P.S. Thanks

Congratulations on 500 videos guys. =D

May we continue to see much more gratuitous violence for many years to come!

Great video guys! How I love statistics.

Although I'd really like to know what would happen if we laid all your hats end to end...

Congrats on 10 years of success, here's to another 10 years!

You have 500 videos, but only 3 PS3s.

P.S. Thanks

Curses, someone got to that joke before me!

In all seriousness (hah) thanks for the epic volume of work, even if the early parts are inaccessible.

Statistics AND violence all in one place. Truly, you are North American royalty.

Now, how many of those videos have you installed Linux on?

Hilarious. I especially love the ribbing on Youtube comments. I'll bet the ones James was reading were real. :D


If you uploaded all 33 hours as one video I'd totally get my friends together and have an LRR marathon.

Congratulations on making it to 500. And that's not even counting all your other videos you've done throughout the years. All together you're probably nearing 1000.

Also we have a new challenge for Desert Bus: Lay all the hats end to end.

Congratulations you guys are awesome love you videos to another 500.

Congratulations LRR, here's to an other 500 and beyond.

That was garbage! You are all terrible monsters! Go to hell!

By Garbage: I mean An Awesome video! By Terrible Monsters: I mean Wonderful People. By go to hell: I mean make 500 more videos!

:D Well done! I too like statistics.


No, the true source of LRR's success was Paul's beard! Bring back the BEARD!

Thunderous Cacophony:
I'm really hoping that Shoe-Bot is the Moon Base security.

That Shoe-Bot has a name, and to you it's MR. Ballsmotron.

But seriously, great video and loved the montage o' violence at the end.

Yay, congratulations on 500 videos guys. Here's to 500 more! :D

LoadingReadyRun uses it's 500th weekly update, to reflect on the first 499

And also to reflect on the correct use of apostrophes and commas? ;)

I was half expecting the stinger to be Graham saying 'Oh crap, it's only 498. Never mind.'

Anyway, congrats etc.

In other words, Desert Bus 1 alone generated three times as much LRR content in four and a half days than the weekly sketches have done in a ten years.

Congrats LRR. May the gratuitous violence continue for centuries to come!

Nice job, I really enjoyed it. Love the videos, guys.


Now, if only you had repeated the violence, particularily the nutshot from ep 1, it would've been a good video!
(Feel free to read my comment aloud in your # 1000 video!)

So does this mean that "Tennis" will get re-uploaded soon? ;)

To all the LRR crew and friends: congratulations on 500 episodes!

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