Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: Because I Could Not Stop For Loading Times

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Because I Could Not Stop For Loading Times

Put on your poetry hats and join two of the greatest wordsmiths of our generation as they fill your ears with verse.

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Well that was shaping up to be rather depressing, thank god for Jim.

Both of those were rather disturbingly accurate.

For added tragedy my pensive minecraft music kicked in during Yahtzee's last stanza.

I lost my shit at Yahtzee's punchline.

I also loved Jims constant looking over at the camera.

Seriously, these just keep getting better and better. I hope this show never ends.

Took me quite the time until I figured Yahtzees out, it was at the brother vacuuming part for those who care.
Jims I figured instantly, blue runner with the little hint on the top shelf didn't make it too hard :P

I love how Yahtzee has managed to give *Spoiler character* more personality in a 2 minute poem than *Spoiler game company* has in *Spoiler amount of years*

Simply beautiful work guys. keep it up.

Goddamn Yahtzee you made a poem that is the Mario equivalent of the video for Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt.

Yanno usually I don't say whether one won or the other and just judge based on the quality of the rhyming and how well it works and such.

This week though, despite being depressing Yahtzee totally won.

Well, I do wish Jim wouldn't use the back ground noise to clue us in on what he's talking about. I did like the mystery from Yahtzee's rhyme until the very punchline hit.

Other than that, I think yahtzee's was better than Jim's. Maybe I just like longer poems rather than the short ones.

captch - Carry a towel

Well, to the beach maybe, but nowhere else.

Yahtzee won this one.

I did not see that coming, whereas Jim has never been subtle.

Knew Yahtzee's was about Mario. Just KNEW it.

Both of those were rather disturbingly accurate.

Although I've heard Jim's before. From a webcomic. Maybe VG cats.

Strangely, the topic of Jim's part reminded me a part of Yahtzee's review of "Sonic Generations", only in reverse (bad stuff first, excitement later, instead of the other way around).

I really like today poems, both. Yahtzee painted very well a very disturbing picture, while Jim's was more intense.

Edited to add: only I don't understand why Jim paused and smiled from time to time. Was it supposed to mean anything?

Was Jim trying to match up the pace of his poem to the background music or is that just apophenia talking?

I don't know if I'll ever see Mario in quite the same way again.

captch - Carry a towel

Well, to the beach maybe, but nowhere else.

What? You carry your towel everywhere! Especially when hitchhiking the galaxy!

I didn't get what Yahtzees poem was about until Guffe said he got it at vacuuming. That poem is truly quite depressing.

No clear winner this week.

Felt like Jim took random comments from sonic fans to make a poem out of it. Not that it was bad. Just felt like that to me.


captch - Carry a towel

Well, to the beach maybe, but nowhere else.

OT; Although Yathzee's started out depressing, the ending was gold. Should i be ashamed that i only knew what he was talking about with the "Mamma Mia" bit.

Anyway, the real question is; when can we see Susan have a go?

Akichi Daikashima:
Jim has never been subtle.

And that's why we love him.

Great poems this week from both of them.

Brilliant punch line from Jim, though it hits a little too close to home for the little part of me that hopes that each new Sonic will actually be good.

Goin' with the general consensus on this one and Yahtzee scores another point.

Yahtzee - 3
Jim - 3.5

Oh, Yahtzee, you lovable creepy man. Your ode to Mario was actually, genuinely sad. Kudos to you for pointing out Peach's little more than a glorified trophy to him.

Jim's was good, but just completely blown out of the water by Yahtzee's this time.

Yeah, Yahtzee's poem was brilliant-probably the best since this series began.

Y'see, Sonic has been pretty good lately, but Jim's always been pissy about the series. I mean, he gave Colors a 5/10. Colors of all things! Colors kicked ass!

As for Yahtzee's poem (which I already knew what it would be about due to the thumbnail) I agree somewhat in that Nintendo shouldn't keep Mario under such lock and key, but I think he does have quite a bit more personality than Yahtzee gives him credit for. Maybe that's just because I've been playing a lot of Fortune Street lately, which is one of the few games where Mario does have dialogue. Quite a bit of dialogue at that.

Jim had a better rhyme but Yahtzee's had a funny twist ending.

I'd call it a tie this week.

I must say I loved the punch line in Jim's poem. It's so descriptive of so many Sonic fans.

Oh, as a Sonic fan, I empathise with Jim's poem far too much. Did laugh at the "green eye" bit too. It's part of the reason I try to avoid identifying as a Sonic fan as much as possible because the "sane" ones such as myself and dumped in alongside those crazy bastards.

I still hope the next one will be good, although I'm also of the opinion that only '06 was truly terrible

Yahtzee's was rather good too though.

I love how Yahtzee has managed to give *Spoiler character* more personality in a 2 minute poem than *Spoiler game company* has in *Spoiler amount of years*

Simply beautiful work guys. keep it up.

My thoughts exactly.

It's incredible how Nintendo never did manage to give Mario any kind of personality. Or most of their other characters, for that matter.

Jim's poem was good, I just thought that the fast-reading-then-gazing-at-the-camera ruined the intended pacing somewhat.

For some reason, I've been rooting for Mr. Sterling in these poemdowns. I'm not sure why, but at a guess, I'd say it's because I think he just needs a bigger cheering section than Mr. Croshaw does; I just like things to feel even, is all.

And man, his poem today would have totally knocked it out of the park! The pacing is great and the smug glances at the camera are hilarious, but damn, that final "Mama mia..."

Oh well, ranking these things is kind of a stupid pastime anyway that no one is served by. Top notch entries from each of you, gentlemen, and I applaud you both.

...they kindly stopped for me.

Denial: A Sonic-Fan's best friend.

Damn you Yahtzee that opening... its just way too suave! you can't carelessly put stuff like that on the internet! think off all the young innocent girls you just made swoon with that look.

I also appreciate Jim giving me more evidence that he could one day start rapping these rhymes. Both were well done.

Surprised how many people are saying that they didn't get what Yahtzee's what about until near the end or the very end. I was thinking Mario from the start and was confirmed to me when he mentioned the farthest star (Super Mario Galaxy). And yeah, I recognized the common Sonic whines Jim started with instantly. I like how Jim ended on the all too familiar "Oh wait, a new game, that one might be good!" attitude that follows Sonic around no matter how much you liked or hated his last game. And it's going to be even more common now that Generations defied expectations by actually being good (unlike Adventure 2, Heroes, Unleashed, Colors, and everything in between which sucked). I actually have to care about Lost World now because it might be good like Generations was. Damn you Generations, just when I was finally ready to completely stop caring about Sonic you pull me back in.

Both of those were rather disturbingly accurate.

Art imitates life, as they say.

:D Great show today!

When the big reveal came at the end of Yahtzee's poem, I stood there smiling for a few minutes thinking: "No f*_king way" the whole time! Genius! Brilliant! Illegally fun! :D

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