Movie Defense Force: Street Fighter

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This movie made no sense and wasn't particularly attached to the established canon (as it was, the canon was pretty bad) but it was entertaining and silly fun. I enjoyed it when I saw it a few times as a kid and when I watched it on TV recently I got a bit of retro thrill. Not too bad if you think of it as a comedy movie for kids, it almost seems like the actors realized this is what they were making.

Nooo! All I'm going to hear about for the next two weeks on Team speak will be this movie. How could you do this to me Jim? I might actually have to re-watch it :(

Sure, the characters occasionally have text boxes or manuals that describe their back-story and personality, but it's not like any of that was ever actually carried over into the Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat games.

X-men vs Street Fighter. One background has Blanka in it, but if Charlie is fighting there, Blanka disappears. Because they referenced the movie where Charlie and Blanka are the same person. Also the movie did spawn its own SF video game and a 26 episode cartoon, so it wasn't an easy presence to ignore. But said spin-offs were also arguably hilarious in their own right.

I think the main problem with the movie was that it didn't deliver any good fights. That's all people expected from Street Fighter and the loss was a blinding annoyance. It was like paying to watch a blockbuster action sci-fi sequel and being treated to a fairly okay romantic chick flick. It could still be a decent movie where the actors have good chemistry, but if you came there for the violence and effects, waiting for somebody to throw a punch or explode will fill you with savage rage. You're walking away with nothing but thoughts on how they killed something beautiful.

The animated Street Fighter II movie has terrible writing and editing, and all the games have brain damage in place of plot. But like the first MK movie, they actually deliver on action. It makes all the difference, especially since that's where all the characters' appeals stem from. Akuma doesn't need a relevant backstory, just lots of rage and flashy moves. As crap as the Bay Transformers were (Jim's going to do those next, isn't he?), and even though they pussified Megatron's character across the installments, the robots could all fight impressively. That was all it took. If they had swapped Optimus for a C-3PO stand-in who could deliver okay jokes but no haymakers, the fans would have raged alongside the critics for a decade before they noticed any funny lines.

As for where the Street Fighter movie succeeds, it's also worth noting time has been very kind it. Capcom has been getting wackier, the original series' continuity has become lax to the point of nonsensical, and its match-ups and crossovers keep growing more absurd. Street Fighter has become impossible to take seriously and its creators mostly refuse to do so, effectively embracing the movie's camp charm. It's a lot easier to be fans of both nowadays.

THANK YOU Jim Sterling. As a long term Street Fighter fan, someone who didn't just play SFII, but invested in the complete Zero/ Alpha series, and collected the Darkstalkers, gem fighers, and all the other Capcom fighters on the Saturn, PS1, and Dreamcast, I fucking LOVE THIS FILM.

It's not that I enjoy it in an ironic way either. It's a genuinely entertaining film. The writing is brilliant, the fight scenes are worth watching (shame they didn't add more earlier on though), the actors are having a great time in their roles, and the plot makes enough sense.

Everyone I've showed this film too has enjoyed it too. I don't understand who these people are who take this film so seriously?

Even as a long-time fan of the franchise, you can't take Street Fighter seriously. Just just can't. A videogame where people's arms stretch, they shoot fire balls from the palm of their hands, do 10 spinning kicks in the air before touching the ground, a green monster as a playable character. It's ridiculous. SF The Movie is a better film, and more entertaining, than the crummy animes of the series, because it DOESN'T take itself seriously.

This movie was so stupid when I was a kid, and now it's just even worse, since now I know english and listening to Van Damme's "american" accent as Guile is just awful. Even thou I still love Julia's performance, just so over the top that there's nothing to complain about. And OH GAWD if it's not "Tuesday" one of the lines I still remember from my childhood.

I HATE this movie! But Jim made some great points. Last time I tried to sit through it, I got 2/3rds of the way in and quit. Maybe I'll try it one more time and ignore Street Fighter canon.

So Street Fighter is kinda related to Silent Hill 4: The Room? Both could work well on their own, but are overshadowed by a strong name.

I really enjoyed this, as a take on the franchise and the characters... knowing that it was tangential, like the Tekken 2010, the first Mortal Kombat, or the Super Mario Bros. movie (which, despite being "alternative", has always kinda been headcanon, especially after MovieBob put all that into words for me), it was just fun.

Even as a 'cadie, I really don't know what I would've preferred them to do with it. At the time, I was happy to have gaming have something "mainstream", even if it was bad. Now, I like the cheese and yeah, calling it the 90s in a can doesn't bother me in the slightest.

I think Jim may have just defended the entire career of The Muscles from Brussels.

This was a bad movie, it wasn't even fun, but if the producers were to make the movie without the Street Fighter name it would have worked much better as a movie. I could even see it become a cult classic. Much like the terrible movie "The Room" became. Ohh... by the way do "The Room".

Missed the best line in the movie.

Not "It was Tuesday", Not "Of Course!" but...

Oh...oh I always forget that line...that line is actually, legitimately hilarious.

I was a fan of Charlie's face after Guile calls him out as someone for Bison to focus on...

I don't give a damn, I love this film and I have owned it on VHS, DVD, and Blu-Ray.

Truly, one of the greatest films of our time.

I have this on blu-ray, yet have not watched it. I need to rectify this error so that my genetic destiny might be fulfilled.

Jim sees this movie as one that was saved by Raul Julia's performance, I only see it as a sad note, that this ended up being the capstone on an otherwise brilliant and prolific film career.

Mortal Kombat, I could get behind. Street Fighter, sorry, is just a bridge too far.

That last line actually really hurt me.

Jim... My nuts?

Jimothy Sterling, I'm glad you exist in your own little demented continuity.

And I mean to say that in a good way...

I love this film. It's funny and entertaining. Sometimes that's enough. :)

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