Escape to the Movies: Furious 6

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This is why I love your reviews Bob, you actually take the time to give a proper if quick reason as to why you think this or that about a film.....

Edward and Bella. There you go.

I hope the next one is named The Fast And The 7.

But I am finding it really hard to take Bob's word for this one. I...I've just been burnt too many times.

Do the cars have personality themselves? Doesn't really matter if the acting is wooden, a lot of people will see them for the cars. The only one of this series I have seen is the first one and the final car of the movie was the one everything was leading up to and was a beast.

The first Mad Max movie was an action movie and also meant as a statement of the road carnage experienced by the director in his work as a doctor in accident and emergency. The series flamed out so quickly it has taken 28 years for a sequel. At least it did it with big hair and shoulder pads

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) still screens regular ads of graphic car crashes in this vein. They were very effective at first, but now they up to the "don't smoke pot or your get out of the car and get run over".

There were a string of car movies from Australia after Mad Max, not all of them are well known.

The Chain Reaction (1981)

Smash Palace (1981) from New Zealand, but anything popular is claimed by Australia sooner or later

Goodbye Pork Pie (1981)

A road trip in a mini! Also notable for the bloke hanging out of the car window going "Wankers! Wankers!" to the cops. They can't pull over a mini?

Running on Empty (1982)

Midnite Spares (1983)

Running From the Guns (1987)

The Big Steal (1990)

A coming of age story revolving around cars.

Metal Skin (1994)

Was this a bit before that movie, but it was about cars.

FJ Holden (1977)

The Cars that Ate Paris (1974)

Strangely enough one of the photos from Mad Max Fury Road reminded me of the porcupine bug in this movie.

The Man From Hong Kong (1975)

Has some kick-arse chase scenes and a car crash with Uluru in the background. George Lazenby gets set on fire.

Australian cars of the 70s and early 80s were very boxy and beast-like. The Formula 1 race in Australia is the only one that includes a race for the V8 touring cars as part of the event. This is the most famous racetrack in Australia at least to Australians

Cars are still pretty big in Australia, even with Ford announcing they are ceasing to manufacture them in the country. Even to this day people still yell things out car windows and motorists look down on public transport users. The big cities spread out a long way and there is not much to do out in the far suburbs with limited services.

I actually thought the whole review would just be the title music and the words FURIOUS 7 scralled across the background for 5 minutes.

I think the question at the end is a guy thing because my girlfriend's unironic favourite sex scene (as in the sexiest sex scene) in a movie is the garage scene in the first movie and I often find women agreeing with that.

My reaction to the post-credits reveal:
"Well, it only took 7 movies, but we're finally here."

Glad to hear you are finally on board with this series, Bob.

So... Bob.
You're telling me FF6 is the best one?

hahaha gaming pun.

Film 7 - Considered a masterpiece by some, hated by others (Dom gets amnesia)

Film 8 - Annoying and forgettable (Dom is emo about his amnesia)

Film 9 - Everyone generally likes it (Dom is oddly cheerful and grows a tail)

Fun fact.
In Russia, the first movie was localized as "Форсаж" which is something like "Overdrive" I guess.
And then subsequent movies are:
Overdrive 2
Overdrive 3:Tokyo Drift
Overdrive 4
Overdrive 5
Overdrive 6.

Makes a whole lot more sense, don't it?

I think if you watch all of Bobs reviews on the F&Fs you may have a decent study on Stockholm Syndrome.

I feel like we've witnessed a similar effect as watching a drip of water on stone for a thousand years. Eventually, it's going to wear it down and break it.

That was . . . unexpected. I thought Bob would eviscerate Furious 6. I never thought that this movie might be something that he would find praise worthy. It truly, almost, makes me want to go out and see it.

Ha! I hope the tease at the end is Burt Reynolds as Bandit showing up in a '78 Trans-Am.


F&F3: The fastest way to travel in a straight line is to slide back and forth?

Err... No, the fastest way to travel around a corner. The lack of straight lines defined most of the movie...


Lunar Templar:
guessing that the Hangover 3 is bad? like really bad?


I guess that means that FF7 will be an unstoppable blockbuster.....

which will lead to it being over hyped and spur the FF6 VS FF7 debate for years to come.


I'm game, just for the confusing it can cause XD

Big unanswered question - who's going to be F&F's equivalent of Aeris?

That big question as answered at the end of 6.

But the bad guy has slightly less hair than Sephiroth.

It's nice to see that Bob is finally recovering from the utter disaster of Green Lantern.

Almost immediately after Green Lantern, it seemed as though Bob irrevocably changed into a bitter movie snob. Now it seems as though he's actually enjoying movies again. Which is nice.


Err... No, the fastest way to travel around a corner. The lack of straight lines defined most of the movie...

True. For most of the movie. And some of the drifting was rather excellent. At least it wasn't CGI like in F&F2! But the scene were I stopped paying attention was a chase down a straight road. And despite having a clear lane to blast down, both cars decided the best way to escape/catch up would be to drift around the traffic.

Found the clip. Scene happens at 0:59. Straight shot, right down the middle. Hey! Let's drift instead! :D

Anakin Skywalker and Pandamama (or whatever the F she was). There you go.

Has there ever been a screen pairing with less tangible chemistry than Dom & Letty? I can't think of any...

Oh hai, Bob.

Furious 6

MovieBob leads us through the streets with a hard driving Vin Diesel at the wheel.

Watch Video

Bob... I am so confused. Is there anything else that makes it good that you forgot to tell us? It's really just the pacing that's better? That's all it took? Really?

That sort of feels like hearing that Transformers 4 will be good if the explosions were spaced out a little bit better, or that whatever Michael Bay does to Ninja Turtles is going to be A-OK just so long as we're never bored because every five minutes there's a new reason to be angry.

First Iron Man 2, now this... It worries me. Is this a sign that my MovieBob is broken? Or did it just require more talking than you were allotted to put the ideas you have in your head into my head?

It's great that you get it now. We still don't. Please send more moviethinks.

Am I the only one who gets a 404 page when I click the link for this one?

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