Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: Xbox One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

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No way would I want Microsoft near my genitals. They'd probably try and lock them down somehow.

No you would just have to pay again if you wanted anyone other than yourself to play with them ;)

Both very good, but Jim's gets a bit of extra kudos for making me laugh for a good ten seconds at the end.

They were both beautiful. ^^
I expected the conclusion of Jim's poem to be short like this before I heard it, something like:
"Microsoft's shit and that's it" notice the internal rhyme, really clever isn't it? :D
But that didn't dampen the enyoment =]

To use Yahtzee's metaphor it's more like going into a steak house only to find that the menu is mostly vegan and diet specific now, and while they do still offer a small list of decent quality kinds of steak, you have to pay up front get their permission to eat it while the waiter peers over your shoulder the whole time (and will be be sharing your every word with god knows who), and if you want to take some leftovers back home to share then you have the full price for each additional person.

Oh and if you're from out of town then they can't serve you now, but they might at some indefinite time in the future.

I think Jim's poem had a really clever hidden meaning... Jim was basically beating around the bush for full 2 minutes before getting to the point, which is what we actually want to hear. This is very similar to what Microsoft are doing with the Xbone: they're beating around the bush, talking about all this unimportant nonsense they've included in the console, leaving very little room to talk about the actual games in this gaming consoles.

Both of these were really funny. I'm loving this series more and more every week.

*Yahtzee appears, arms folded, in a nonchalantly casual suit*
*I invoke OVER 9000!!!!! but replace "power level" with "swag"*

getting better and better!

so, how many of you could also predict Mr. Sterlings last word of the poem at least 20 sec before it ended?

Rhymedown Spectacular Fun Fact:

These were the best rhymes so far.

I, for one, appreciate Jim's subtlety.

Captcha: yee haw

I'd say Jim's about sums things up for me quite nicely.

Also, I liked how pretty much everything save for the last stanza was just a bunch of eloquent fluff. :3

I wasn't sure where Jim was going with his at first, but the punchline...brilliant!

I saw just where Jim was going, right from the very first;
"It's all hype", I went in knowing, before he did his worst.
The meta humor, thinly masked his silver tongue's slither.
Fitting: In his "reveal" he asked Microsoft "deliver!"
Yahtzee's metaphor was clever: Two bills for one split bread.
It was like they screamed together, "Microsoft, Give me Head!"

Jim's performance made me laugh, but I have to give the point to Yahtzee on this one.

I find it funny that Yahtzee, who hides behind flash cartoons in his other videos, seems to have rehearsed, while Jim reads from a paper, which you dont see him do in the Jimquisition

I almost wish there was a way to hide the time on the video, those endings were great but i feel they would have been far better if i could'nt know they were about to happen.

When are you two gonna make that rap album?

Indeed. We (well... I) demand a mixtape!

Yahtzee you are a brilliant man. Fucking hilarious work.

I have to say Jim's poems don't do it for me. I like the guy, but I can't say he's an adept poet.

Trying to drink a soda while hearing Jim's punchline was very poor timing on my part. I should know better by now than to be lulled into a false sense of security with either of these two guys around.

I like Yahtzee's thinly veiled metaphors, but it's starting to get a bit formulaic doing essentially the same schtick every week. Not saying it's bad or anything, just that maybe he should mix it up a bit more.

I liked Jim's poem alot this week, seems like this type/style really suit Jim more. Yahzee is great as always.

I'm gonna give my dick a nickname and call it microsoft, it's always ON baby! lol

Until someone reminds me that's also micro.....and soft..... :(

Saw that ending coming from Jim :P Still loved it though. And Yathzee using bread and the menu as a metaphor for Xbox One was brilliant! I look forward to these each week.

Another excellent poetry session! Jim's was especially good this time. Keep this series on the site for a long, long time Susan!

This is the first time I've preferred Jim's poem over Yahtzee's. Well done to both of you.

Is Yahtzee slowly mutating into Zack Braff?

So it's Yahtzee being dramatic or do these new Xbox games really come with codes you must manually input?!

I mean it would be one thing if every disc has a unique tag. But seriously, are gamers such loathsome creatures they would input a code? That would be like the days before battery save functions.

It's one thing to do that to install an operating system. But for media. It doesn't work that way right? I would return that Xbox as soon as I tried to play the game I bought to play with it if it asked me to input a code. I don't care if its 4 digits and you just have to say it (which is weird in of itself)

Aah close round!

Yahtzee's Poem was (as usual) absolutely genius, but after his first poem with the PS4-Car , it was about what i expected from him. And the PS4 one was better imho.

Jim still doesn't seem to get his rythm as perfect as yahtzee does. But it's okay, he manages to surprise me everytime again. And he seems to be aware of the feedback that was given after the first couple of shows.

Anyway, still, yahtzee wins this round.

Well, Jim has showed his style ocne again, perfectly concluded, and Yathzee was brillian as usual. the subject handled much better than anticipated. i am happy now.

Capcha: bottom lol

Wow todays was just out of the park.

Both were great, but I had a good laugh that got me some strange looks at Jim's punchline.

This is seriously the best poetry ever. Suck it up Shakespeare.

Thoroughly enjoyed both poems as always. You guys rock.

TBH, it sounded like yahtzee's rhythm was off when he was describing the different flavors of bread, despite the funny skewering of the X-Bone, but I loved the build-up from Jim. It was glorious!

Jim's build up was epic. His verses are really obvious and choose inmediate action instead of subtle remarks. While last week Yathzee gave us one of the best poems ever this week Jim gave us the greatest ending of all these videos.

Yahtzee suffers from his metaphor being too obvious, but otherwise great.

Pretty sick of hearing about how much everybody hates the new Xbox now, though..

Jim! Nice but I thought you were going to go all meta and NOT give out your comment, just as MSFT didn't reveal any games. :)

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