Escape to the Movies: The Purge

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I totally feel Bob's rage this time around. I've seen this movie "advertised" among millions of other available trailers in Apple TV countless times, always took it for a dumb slasher and ignore it right away... As soon as Bob began to describe the premise of the movie, with the whole "free day to do ANYTHING" deal, I actually got excited and began thinking, as he pointed, of the possibilities, I was like "Shit! It's not a slasher after all, it's an ultra-violent dystopia movie!!!" and then Bob crushed any dreams by stating they threw all good concepts out of the window for what I originally took it for: another teenage slasher movie.

The production of the film was done on a virtually non-existent budget with everyone from actors to directors to things like special effects and catering being done for points rather than cash. I support that model and would like to see more of it as it allows some more creative control and risk-taking. However I do not support the pathetic soft-headed story that the film is actually telling.

Maybe the part where it says "produced by Michael Bay" should've tipped us off.

The purge has a stupid premise.

I don't know why Bob is so interested in the idea considering just thinking about the whole thing for 2 seconds would cause you to realize that just because murder and mayhem is "legal" doesn't mean that suddenly everyone turns into a serial killer. If some guy kills someone's family do you think the guy who lost his family is going to give a damn that it was perfectly legal for that asshole to murder his family? No he's going to hunt that guy down and murder him regardless of what day of the year it is. Also consider that the vast majority of people would prefer not to have anarchy and chaos so people would just end up forming their own militias for the purge to act as a police force during the purge.

I don't know what Bob expected in this movie when the entire concept behind the movie was so idiotic.

Could you keep your Liberal views out of these videos please.

So it's everything I thought it might be... *sadface*

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