Trailers: Dying Light - E3 Trailer

Dying Light - E3 Trailer

As soon as zombies learn parkour we're all screwed.

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This grabbed my attention when Run Boy Run played, I love this song!

and also, Cole MacGrath much?

I can't say much but I'm interested.

The trailer suggest a parkour style game, but it's designated as a shooter? Guess we have to wait til we see some gameplay.

The trailer was pretty interesting. The ending, especially, made me hope that this will be an interesting take on zombie survival.

zombies zombies zombies. but boy did that ending surprise me. good song too

This...looks interesting actually. Waiting for gameplay material before I get too hyped

Interesting trailer.

I was worried at song choice because another of Woodkid's songs was used for the (amazing) Ass Creed Rev trailer. I mean, that was such a high bar to reach.

I enjoyed the ambition with the direction for the trailer. However animation quality felt clunky in some cases.

Looked very much like L4D throughout sadly.

However the end did make me lol in a way.

Wasn't bad trailer?

Mirror's Edge with zombies? I'd probably play it :)


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