EXP: ScrewAttack's VGV - QuackShot 2

ScrewAttack's VGV - QuackShot 2

Donald plunges into some duck on duck action in this Genesis exclusive! Yay!

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I loved QuackShot when I was a kid. Except for the ziplining on the telephone lines, died so many times on that section.

I still have this. Yes, I'm a bit of a game hoarder.
I have the duel cartridge version that comes with Mickey Mouse's Castle of Illusion.
2 Fantastic games on 1 cartridge.

Aw damn, this was the first game I ever played. Though even after the comment of it being "easy", I've never finished this thing. Still love it.

And the snake charmers I believe are in India, not Egypt. I don't remember them in Egypt anyways, though that may be because of that stupid maze in India being infested with those bastards that I can't remember them anywhere else.


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