Trailers: Watch_Dogs - E3 Trailer

Watch_Dogs - E3 Trailer

Shattering your misconceptions of privacy one trailer at a time.

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Nicholas Cage looks good with a goatee.

Umm is it weid that ı thought this was a live action trailer for a good ten seconds? Either it was so spot on, or I need to lay off the internets for a while.

Anyway I have to say, I llike what I am seeing.

Well that was ever so slighty bitchin'. Too bad it'll run like shit on the 360 and simply not run on the PC (fuckin' Ubisoft).

Nicolas Cage got taken out by Zachary Quinto. After last year's showing of 10 minutes of straight gameplay, does it really need saying that I'm still really interested in how this title purports to be amazing?


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