Trailers: Battlefield 4 - E3 2013 Gameplay Trailer

Battlefield 4 - E3 2013 Gameplay Trailer

Welcome to a boat trip gone horribly wrong.

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Well, it's certainly got a lot of graphical quality. Those explosions sure were pretty, and I liked the physics that got the plane wings to deform dynamically as they dropped over the edge. Trouble is, the game play is basically the same - same interface/hud, same bullet-sponging, same faceless soldiers at the other end of your sights. I enjoyed BF3's multiplayer - it was pretty solid, and its vehicles led to some really nice scenarios in games (at least when you're not being spawn-camped by a tank, an APC and several jeeps...), and I enjoyed the CQC expansion more than I thought I would, but I don't think I'll bite on version 4, not unless it's up for £10-15 on sale, just because I've seen that, I've been there, and I don't need to play it again :/


So aside from admiring the FANTASTIC graphics and tech that has gone into this beautiful game, I just get so frustrated.

After having played ArmA2, DayZ and ArmA3 the last year or so, the only thing I'm doing is counting the times the player SHOULD have died; he takes like fucking 50 shots in the chest for god's sake!

I of course understand that this is not the direction they want to take their games, because they want to clone CODs stupid single player "experience", but I'm still getting the feeling that, in a sense, we're going back to the old Quake damage models where you're shooting at eachother with miniguns and rocket launchers and kind of shrugging it off.

Oh, wow. That turned into quite the rant, I guess. Still a god damn pretty game. DICE constantly makes me proud of being Swedish.


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