Trailers: Final Fantasy XV - E3 2013 Announcement Trailer

Final Fantasy XV - E3 2013 Announcement Trailer

At least most of the Characters have reasonable hair this time around.

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I want this so much. Even if it's not an exclusive, I'll probably get the PS4 for this.

Umm... What? Is this going to be an action RPG instead of a JRPG? Or a third person shooter? What? 0_o?
I'm confused... -.-'

I mean, the graphics look jaw-droppingly gorgeous, but the more I look at it, the dizzier I feel. How the hell are we supposed to control this game with all this stuff going on on the screen?!
Once again, I have a bad feeling about how Square-Enix spent all their money and development time on the art-department and how that will affect the story and the gameplay, but hey, let's look at the bright side: After XIII-2, you can only go up. I mean, it cannot get worse than XIII-2, right? Right...?

Looking forward to it, with interest. I'm one of the so called "purist" FF gamers, or at least supposed to be, but a change in tact with the gameplay is inevitable. I quite like the new faster paced combat, and I'm intrigued to find out how this one will play out.

A bit....Final May Cry perhaps? Which surely isn't a bad thing.


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