Hobbitspotting, Part One

Hobbitspotting, Part One

I shouldn't be here. I don't get MMOs. They bounce off me entirely, some more quickly than others. But they all bounce. Static worlds. Characters advancing in drips and drabs. Dumb kids running amok tapping their space bars with their thumbs. Watching icons on task bars cool down. Waiting for Mike to sell his junk and catch up with us. Knowing it all leads to the personal hell of being a cog in some jerk's organized raid.

"Twenty-nine," Trevor says. "Check out that hobbit's hat. Gay."


If I ever got an email like that from an editor, I'd cry.

Though I'm curious how you would work Bertrand Russell into a CnC3 review.

Nice article.

I'm at a loss as to the Hobbit fascination you mention in your piece. They were a stand-in for unadventurous English countryfolk. That's not exactly the stuff of which heroic heroes are generally made. LOTRO may be the only game I've seen where people actively want to roleplay short, fat, over-cautious bourgeoisie.

Personally I play a hot elf-maiden but that's another story.

I can't believe you're disavowing knowledge of Tom Bombadil.


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