98: A Game Without Winners

"A man with infinite dislikes, it was a considerable surprise to both the literary world and the entertainment industry when he not only agreed to a computer game adaptation of his unpleasant, moist and squirming, yet disturbingly intriguing story, but actually took an active hand in its development. The result was the closest approximation to post apocalyptic life we've ever had to endure; designed to be repulsive, impossible to win and distressingly enthralling."
Spanner explores Harlan Ellison's dystopian vision of the future.

A Game Without Winners

It's funny how often I hear this game come up when people talk about the 'best' or 'hall of fames', etc. I never recall seeing it on a store shelf or in any magazines. Did this game slip under the radar? You can still get the game from Ellison's website though. If you're intrigued pick it up?


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