26: The Cost of Gaming

The Cost of Gaming

The industry wants to be part of the mainstream - they want the money, and they want the respect. Jason Smith details one way the current state of the industry is preventing mainstream acceptance, and how that could be changed.

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I doubt the gaming industry will go the way you say it should. I don't think the 3DO had the right idea but rather that the Phantom did. 1 console that can do everything but not by adding on parts but by being able to do everything over the internet. DVD or Blu-Ray playability? it would be better to just download all movies on-line to your console then it would be almost impossible for movies to be unfindable or disk to become scrached. as far as longevity of a console the truth is that Microsoft, Sony and nintendo will contenue to keep making new consoles because they see that people will continue to pay for them but lets put that aside it would be easy for companys to do as microsoft is doing with disfunctioning 360s and mearly add the new components when a new tech comes out at a small fee (compared to buying an entirally new console) instead of having an xbox or 360 or PS1,2,3 it would merly be Phantom 1.0 2.0 ect. ofcorce gamestop would probably like your idea better XD


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