3: The Left Behind

The Left Behind

As the Great City of Gaming builds itself on top of its history, an undercurrent of homeless gamers wander between high-poly games, in search of their previous gaming peak.


Wow, I liked this article. The idea of gaming as a city with the elite few on top while the rest of us walk on the streets of unrecognized games made a vision of a city like that pop into my head.

I agree, a very evocative and intriguing concept. Supreme Kudo's on the writing.

I've been in that haze for a while now. Get home from work and sit down to play and finding lots of games to play but nothing that grabs, only games I can go through the motions with. Nothing realy to get lost in, or inspired by, just something that takes up time.

Just waiting for the next game that I realy want to play, and hoping not to find only disapointment. Of course I would have to take a chance as the only real isperation comes from something new and different, down the path of the unknown.


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