Shoot Club: Shot Club, Part Two

Shoot Club: Shot Club, Part Two

"Why not? Why is this not gun porn? Look at that. Look at my big fat gun." For show, he reloaded his Generic Near-Future-ish Assault Rifle (or GenN-FAR), wasting a clip in the process. If there was one thing GRAW did right, it was keeping track of clips instead of presenting ammo as a pool of bullets. We would appreciate this a few days later, after bruising our soft gamer thumbs struggling to push rounds into their clips.


Wait - I thought Trevor was dead.

Tom, did you just go all "Quentin Tarantino" on me? Is this an extended flashback? Is Trevor going to get shot in the bathroom?

Stuck in the middle with you ...

The first Turok is futuristic gun porn. That's why I played it, to see the guns go through crazy animations.


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