Editor's Note: "The Future of Gaming"

"The Future of Gaming"

Those of us deep in the trenches of videogame culture like to think of casual games as an aberration, a blight on the face of our seemingly bright future, an error in judgment on the part of those who play them, a "new" thing, bound to turn the tide of public opinion against us and our games, and ultimately end the world as we know it.

And yet, casual games are not new. Casual games are as old as the act of play, most games, in fact, falling into the category we believe we created to hold the objects of our disdain. Now that most people in the Western world use a computer for some part of their day, it only makes sense that they bring their ideas of play with them into the virtual world they inhabit. You'll find this and more in this issue of The Escapist, "The Future of Gaming."

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