Zero Punctuation: Heavenly Sword and Other Stuff

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ive made it my duty in life now to somehow mention "twing twang" in every conversation i have with my friends ^w^
also fun fact about resi 4, if you shoot the italien guy so much when your both defending a shack, he shoots you back XD and he's a better aim then you O_o

gravedigging or something?

Dude...RE is not THAT bad

I decided to watch this again after the Ninja Gaiden 2 review and I have to say that Yahtzee's voice sounds incredibly different. I also didn't find this as funny as I used to which is a real shame but I suppose that Yahtzee's raised his own bar since this was made.

Ahaha, after listening to your Prince of Persia Perspectives review, and then this one, your voice is insanely different.

Not only that, but you're one day short of an anniversary, as far as Zero Punctuation is concerned.

Lol RE Sucks.

Great episode;D

kiss for life

Forum necromancy? Well, the guy above me posted just 4 days ago, so blame him.

Leon K. Fox:
Dude...RE is not THAT bad

Compared with many other video games, not really. Compared with actual literature, it's really pretty bad. This of course implies that most games come off even worse, so I guess what I'm saying is that most games are very poorly written.

Pretty much EVERY game these days is poorly written. I mean, a lot of them are either adapted from films (giving you very little to work with) or stolen from mythology (and regurgitating the Iliad along with lakes of blood does not a story make, as God of War so gorily points out), and the ones that have actually GOT a creative and brilliant storyline generally play like sacks of spanners. It's a rare game indeed that manages to mesh story and gameplay together without it becoming a horrible mess.

(and regurgitating the Iliad along with lakes of blood does not a story make, as God of War so gorily points out)

I disagree, god of war has one of the best stories I've ever saw in a game.

Wow, someone posted on a topic this old... Before me, that is.

Anyway, it's funny. By tomorrow, this video will have been a year old. Funny how time flies like that.

white as the driven snow...

why does he sound so different here then in all the other vids?

why does he sound so different here then in all the other vids?

One of his first videos. He probably didn't have a very good mic, for one.

[quote=DeusExMathias]Followed the link from Penny Arcade. Very funny stuff, Yahtzee. :D Now I just have to try to find the archives. ;)

There aren't any archives of Zero Punctuation here yet, as this is Yahtzee's first video for the Escapist.


are his previous fantastic efforts - Enjoy them. now.

Thx 4 this. and LOL that was so funny!

if anyone wants to know what twing twang is, message me. if you already know, i don't care.

Meh.You talk too fast for anything seriously to be taken out of it.You instantly judge Heavenly Sword to be...well....nothing apparently just because of a short demo?For the rest of it blah blah blah blah blah blah racism blash blash ending music.

"We may need you to play Twing-Twang" hehehe love that part...One of the first Zero Punctuation videos I've seen..while admittedly not as good as his newer videos, ITS STILL YAHTZEE!! the same guy who has entertained us for hours on end with his fast pace talking and stick figures! So, while this is amoung my less favorite videos of his, I still like it, of course, it could break both my knees and shoot me in the face and I'd still like it more than the majority of game reviewers. -.-

That was just hilarious. Great job, Yahtzee.

And to think they gave Chris a African partner to dumb down the supposed "Racism" I agree with Yahtzee, RE4 = RE5 in the "racism" department.

I like to come back and watch yahtzee's older stuff now and then, and it's still funny

The Japanese are not xenophobic dicks and you deserve to die... OK, not really.

I have some Japanese friends and I must say this much. They have the world's most overrated video gaming ego. How can I say this? I've yet to lose to one that I willingly went up against. Did I enjoy it? What do you think.

japanese are xenophobic dicks, stop your childish unconditional admiration for their popculture and really put them under the microscope, they totally are xenophobic, and dicks to foreigners. anyways the point of my bitching is related to this exactly, in yhatzee's video right after he says this, the next frame has written "(IRONY)", but i dont see the irony?

First post. Check.....Check

Three words. Absolute Top Class. Sprayed my alptop with coffee while watching this and nearly drowned on it. Well in!

After watching all the videos I've decided to start from the beginning. And might I say...Yahtzee didn't talk nearly as fast as he does now.

Damn, that was the demo?

He's become so much faster these days =P

my gawd. I've watched the whole series... my life is finally complete!
*goes to shoot self*

Pretty funny how tame this episode is compared to the more recent ones. Here, Yahtzee mentioning cunnilingus warrants a 'yeah I went there', whereas as recently as his Split/Second Velocity review he jokes about a hypothetical rich man getting his thrills from making poverty striken pregnant women try to eat each others' fetuses as nonchalantly as he would comment on the weather.

Not that I mind, of course. All in good taste, no?

A new account and thus I start the Zero Punctuation marathon to watch them all!

Man, his voice has changed over the years.

Storm Dragon:
Man, his voice has changed over the years.

I'd say it's at least partially due to a change of microphone but yeah, he sounded a lot less confident back then.

I'll be glad when Heavenly Sword 2 gets released.

Man this takes me back.

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