A Short History of Race in Games

A Short History of Race in Games

The recent furor over the slaughter of black zombies by the very white Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 5 isn't the first time complaints about game-based racism have been raised, although it's certainly one of the most tenuous cases. While examples of overt bias in videogames are rare, they tend to attract disproportionate levels of attention because, well, they're videogames. The medium is a lens, focusing and amplifying everything - violence, sex and prejudice - beyond their inherent values. What's often forgotten is just how far we've come.


I thought to myself, what odds am I taking on Custer's Revenge being on page 2? 99%? 99.9%?

Nah, Custer's Revenge is the obligatory trope for articles about sex in old games. Haven't read it yet, but put me down for 80%.

Edit: aw, man. There it is.

Come on, how could a game about raping an Indian not be included?


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