Zero Punctuation: Psychonauts

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I loved Pschonauts, especially Waterloo World and Lungfishopolis. It was clever and fun and I understand the Tim Burton reference perfectly. It's a warped and twisted experience, bu thats not a bad thing in this case.

Tried to give psychonauts a spin based on this expecting next best thing since sliced bread, only to discover everything it did, had already been done better, by American McGee's Alice.
The base concept is the same, romping through acid trip induced dream-world levels, except the combat is fun, no annoying jumping puzzles or scavenger hunts, no bratty kids (the goggled freak you're forced to play gives me shivers), huge variety of cool weapons vs like 3 boring ones in psychonauts, and very clunky controls (very clearly half-arsed effort of porting from consoles, the very least they could have let map more than 3 powers to keys) and yes you can set squirrels on fire in psychonauts but again alice's jack-in-a-box with flamethrower trumps it.
Finally, 'I'm a graphics whore and I can't play old ugly and blocky game from 2000 like Alice' based on quake 3 engine gets discarded because psychonauts manages to look just as ugly and blocky, and worse, very kiddy.


I've done my part and forced 3 people to go out and buy the game, now everyone else needs to do it to.

ok, ive bought it from amazon, primarily for the squirrels, ps i love that the login register goes up to 2008... "yeah, i'm one month old and youre one crazy little mofo, i should know... youre my daddy!"

It's funny that the recent reviews were Bioshock and Psychonauts, because that's exactly the two games I've been playing in the last two weeks or so. I got Bioshock on Steam, because otherwise the delivery would take ages, and seen as I've installed Steam for Bioshock anyway, buying Psychonauts as well was a logical step to make.

Current situation: I've finished Psychonauts, but about in the middle of Bioshock. This indicates rather well which of the two games is more immersing and less tedious. The Zero Punctuation reviews have it spot on - there was no criticism, because Psychonauts has almost no weak points, not because the author haven't tried hard enough. I'm an experienced gamer, and in my opinion it almost competes with Planescape: Torment for the title of best game ever made.

As for Bioshock, I'm playing it on hard mode and loading every time I die rather than exploiting the vitachambers, and it's *still* too easy. You would expect at least some ammo shortage or something, but no, there's enough ammo to kill all the Big Daddies several times over. Sigh. Anyway, both reviews were dead on. Thanks for being so accurate.

I dont want to be picky and I like people to enjoy themselves, that is why I say this: The best game of all time is either one of these

Super Mario Bros.

Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time.

Depending on who you ask. :)

P.S.: Actually I was trying to comment on the guy mentioning Planescape: Torment.

Actually I wonder if it is actually possible to review WoW in a fair manner. There seem to be a lot of people "enjoying" themselves in it. Although this is pure theory to me - I've only watched others play. Never touched it myself. Looks so booooooring.

There is just a slightly negative tone whenever WoW is mentioned. Is there any way to justify this?

I've watched this several times now, and only now did I think to comment on how glad I am that Ben can do more than just toss about poo.

Thank You sir.


You can file this under "curiosity killed the cat" but I found at first that it did not work either. At first.

The trick to hurting oneself is making sure that when you squeeze, the two pairs of fingers remain in the same plane. If you allow two fingers to subduct under the other two, and the pen twists, there is no pain.

So, if you keep the fingers in a flat plane, and squeeze, it does indeed hurt. And surprisingly, while the initial pain is not very great, the dull ache produced lasts a little longer than you would think.

So, ummm... ow.

Oh, dear. That's ... wow.

Dedication! I'll give it a shot after lunch :)

:D:D:D i tried it,,, its true at first it wouldnt freakin work...
but now im in serious pain,, won't be able to play CoD for a while. :P
thanks Yahtzee, u rock!

hendrix FTW! :)

it seems to me that for some odd reason all you twats are talking about is whether or not you got hurt by a fucking pen....apparently all of you missed the point that this is an astoundingly good game and well worth your atention and money that isn't already being wasted on hurting yourself with pens

I've heard some great things about Psychonauts from a number of respectable sources, but this review may have won me over. I think I might check it out.

I must get this game, when i acquire either the time or the money.

Oh great.
This game belongs to that rather unfortunate category of games that I want to play, but refuse to recognise the second Memory card Slot, and thus I can't save on. Fucking great.

Got Psychonauts in the mail yesterday and played it 15 hours straight. Not many games have been able to keep me that engrossed.

I can say that I absolutely loved this game when I played the demo. I plan to buy the full version soon.

And, as a random note to point out, the summer camp gate shown at 2:00 of the video was the entrance gate to a Boy Scout camp known as Camp Woodruff that I attended once.

How dare you call Jesus our Messiah a pussy! Anybody that post anything on the internet that publically calls Jesus a pussy is surely going to need to confess for the terrible sin that they have commited!

This was the only game to ever make me laugh out loud. WHY were this games sales so bad!?

Without a doubt this is the Funniest game I've ever played (That's not saying much though, It's like saying "This is the best Sushi I have ever had at a truck stop!")

Clever and imaginative games don't sell well these days (Psychonauts, Beyond Good and Evil, Metal Arms: Glitch in the System, Fahrenheit, etc), this isn't the fault of the general gaming public but more of the passionless distributors that give no advirtising on these games and only seems to produce a limited number of copies so they can make sure no one buys them.

This crap happened with Zone of the Enders: the 2nd Runner in Europe and Australia, Atari practically cancelled it the week it was released, and this game I thought was one of the best action games on the PS2.

It seems that companies only want the FPS and Nintendo titles to succeed and that's about it, like Sir Croshaw said about Mass Effect; Bioware needed to say the game had some polygonal sex in it for it to sell. This begs the question why Omikron: The Nomad Soul didn't sell.

lolz and owwwwwwwwww
that pen thing hurt, not as much as he described it, but still...maybe i wasnt using the right pen :P
ah well, still really funny

Set squiirls on fire. I actually bought phiconouts the day it came out but no one else i kneow bought it because the where to busey sucking maasterchiefs tiney unimagintive dick great game only ive never finished it because i finnelly beat the game and the last cutsine was happining when the power went out

it took me a while but i got it.
its a fucking awesome game and i love how the characters are all different and the story isnt bland and boring.It made me want to watch the cutscenes instead of just skipping them like i do with other game. its what turned me into a games are art hippie

I got this game recently and I have to say it is awesome. The levels are so bizzare it actually feels like you could be in someone's mind. It's a shame that this game will probably never see a sequel.

I have yet to play a game that matches the sheer brilliance of Psychonauts, regardless of it's flaws it was an amazing game!

My question is, how did Psychonauts not make Yahtzee's top 5?

Ok ok, I'll buy it if Yahtzee says so.

My question is, how did Psychonauts not make Yahtzee's top 5?

Maybe he just fudged the list to dick around with people.

If that review has taught me anything its when yahtzee tells you to buy a game you better f**king do it or he will tell you do stuff that hurts like hell and us being the idiots we are will go along with it without considering the consequences.

I got to thank Yahtzee for thís review. I had never heard of Psychonauts before this, and I got my righteous punishment for not buying it before. That is corrected now, and I'm a proud owner of the game. This is also a great review in itself. This is the video I show my friends if I want them to watch zero punctuation.
Thanks for the game tip

Got me Psychonauts:) He is right, it's a good game:)

of course he's right.

Psychonaughts is a fucken briliant game and its nice to know that someone recognises it, tim schafer is awsome as


My question is, how did Psychonauts not make Yahtzee's top 5?

Maybe he just fudged the list to dick around with people.

He basically said it's a great game. I feel the same way about this game. One that I would love to buy a sequel to but am pissed that so little people bought this (graphics whores. You suck) that publishing a sequel would only make critics think higher of them but would cost the publishers money. back on topic, great does not equal top 5. I personally think he might of liked cod4 more than psychonauts. Oh damn that would make psychonauts his 4th favorite game he reviewed.

I'm a games-for-art person, but I was still dissapointed in Psychonauts. Probably because it was the only non RTSRPG I've played this year except Serious Sam, which was 6 times funnier & had a more massive travel area. One monsterously difficult mind game that made me play it over & over until I had an anxiety attack & had to stop playing anything for a week, that was a little unforgivable, & could have been avoided if the game had cheats for people who don't really like to think & mash buttons at the same time.

How dare you call Jesus our Messiah a pussy! Anybody that post anything on the internet that publically calls Jesus a pussy is surely going to need to confess for the terrible sin that they have commited!

Shut the fuck up, Yakaspat.


How dare you call Jesus our Messiah a pussy! Anybody that post anything on the internet that publically calls Jesus a pussy is surely going to need to confess for the terrible sin that they have commited!

Shut the fuck up, Yakaspat.

Don't bump old topics.

And he was most likely joking.

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