Zero Punctuation: Psychonauts

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Just an interesting note since I didn't see it anywhere else in this thread, but Psychonauts is actually available for free on gametap. So now nobody has any excuse to not have played it through at least once.

After this review (and after I crippled my fingers) I went out and bought Psychonauts and do you know what, I Fucking love it, it is the signal most eccentric game I have ever had the pleasure to play and I will no doubt continue to take the advice for the charismatic stallion that is Ben Yahtzee

I already played and finished Psychonauts before watching this review, but I admit that everything Yahtzee said is true: the story is fantastic, the combat is "meh", but doesn't make it less fun.

Yayyy....A decent review on one of my favourite games, good job Yahtzee

I actually have this game in my house, and only two weeks or so before it leaves. I really should play this game before it gets harder to do so.

Good review, though.

I believe i can fly-r.kelly

I love that song

I never played this game but i did heard it was very good. Having it released on xbox,ps2 and pc does help it make more sells.

I've heard such great things... I may have to get this...

Day of the Tentacle was... Amazing!!!

sooo i know i know i shouldn't be posting on really old threads but i didn't know where else to put it.

This game is freaking wonderful and i love it. I picked it up for 9 bucks in a bin at gamestop and it is amazing, I think i have a new appreciation for platformer. thank you Yahtzee for opening my eyes to games outside of the FPS realm.
that is all.

Played it when it came out, I really do regret it never got a sequel.

Well... so I finally got around to playing this and while it WAS indeed fun to play, it had great characters and one of the best and most varied Level-Design in any game I've played I didn't exactly thing it was the "Best Game Ever" because of said problems.

Most of the time (if you want to get to Lvl100) you're running around jumping on your bouncing ball trying to collect "figments", while I can get behind the "collectibles" part of a game this felt heavily overdone. Also aside from that there were a few bosses (like 2-3) that I actually had to look strategies up on the Net because they didn't really feel "intuitive" to beat... I mean seriously how am I supposed to know that I have to wait till the big boss drops his meat cleaver and it's stuck in the ground after which I'm supposed to crawl up his arm and hit him in the head. Or the big fish before "Fishopolis", I actually tried luring him into a closing clam when I saw him swinging that thing towards me but alas it didn't work and I wasted my time trying different other things for several minutes till I gave up and looked it up... Other bosses on the other hand felt much too easy and didn't even feel like a "boss fight" (hit it 3 times till it dies kinda stuff).

Also as he said the difficulty curve, to start with you need a Controller to actually be able to enjoy this as it's meant so I hooked up the X360 Pad to my PC, loaded the original XBoX Configuration for the keys into a program and started playing. And as Yahtzee said for the biggest part of the game it's all more or less a cakewalk but for a few sequences here and there (especially those where you can actually FALL and DIE if you do something wrong) it was almost retarded(ly) hard. But especially near the end I had to redo some of the "Meat Circus" sequences 10-20 times before I actually was able to continue... frustrating to say the least (especially because it's not that type of "Oh I see I did something wrong there or didn't get the timing right" kind of passages but more like "Damn I missed that 2cm big ledge by 1cm again and fell into the Abyss).

All in all, it was original and it had quite a few "That was funny, I guess" moments for me (although I can't remember a single LOL one) and I'll probably also remember it in the long run but it doesn't have the charm or complexity of some Adventures or RPGs by say LucasArts, AdventureSoft or Bioware, which I just love to love. And there have also been several more "accomplished" Jump&Runs in the past on both consoles and the PC.

Now to try "Beyond Good & Evil" if I ever get this thing to actually work on my Vista64...

LOL Tim Burton... great job, Yahtzee.

I made my friend cripple himself, I didn't because I bought Psychonauts the first month it came out.

That really hurt....curse you Yahtzee!

Downloading off steam as we speak.

I have both of double fines games now and I actually think psychonaughts is the more fun one of the 2. Granted the core game is a 3D platformer with collectibles etc, but from what I've played so far they've done their best to keep the story interesting. Hell the main artist behind this is a lucky guy, not many people get to be this freely creative in 1 game

my name *starts with a D* is Rasputin! But everybody calls me...Raz. ;) fun

Damn it's good to know I'm not the only person ever who had played (or heard of) this game! It was such a breath of fresh air. You could really see the thought that was put behind the creation of the different levels (even if the physics are a little difficult to get used to...and I'm talking about levitation) and I love that the darker aspects of the game were hidden under the cheery summer camp atmosphere and cartoon characters. My favorite level by far was the milkman level. It was like the perverted lovechild of M.C. Escher and Norman Rockwell. Beautiful stuff. Anyway, I'm glad to see that this game was given credit where credit was due.

I remeber when i rented the game, I finshed the game in about a week but it was really good.Ended up buying the game just to play it again lol. My fav part was going into the Painters Psychi, i love art and color and i enjoyed going through the levels. Was a unique game to play.

Just bought this on Steam, it's awesome! Yahtzee is quite right about the faults, but also quite right that the rest of the game excuses them.

well, i finally got this game and... you were right!

I quite enjoyed this game when it came out, it was definitely a nice change from Halo *bleurgh*

On a side note, it's REALLY weird hearing these old reviews and how his style has changed!

Another awesome video, Yahtzee! Loving all your ZPs and EPs.

I believe I'm the first to spot the XKCD reference in your graph in this video. You have excellent taste and great ideas, sir.

I bought Psychonauts just because of this review, damn was it worth it! :D


Waah, I played the game because you know, bored and it made me want to pull out my hair. And that was only the demo! Stupid Yahtzee for having such weird taste in games.

I'm really just posting to stop the ridiculous window stretching of the esteemed fellow above me. (Really, there should be some kind of limit on the amount of characters one can have in a username.)

That said, Psychonauts is one of my all time favorite games...but, I can't quite shake the feeling that it may have been down hill from there on for Mr.Schafer. I mean...Brutal Legend was a fine game all said, but there was just something missing, something lacking, and I hope it's just a hiccup, but it doesn't stop me wondering whether or not we'll see the likes of Psychonauts again.

this game was pretty lame and Ben sounds like a preachy douche. not his typical stuff

Good review. I still need to buy the game from somewhere.

Watching these all again, and its hard to believe that he is actually encouraging you to buy a game. Still, it was a fair review and I'm glad to see this is the ONLY game he enjoys.

Everyone should do laughing gas whilst watching these reviews cos you'll love it. You won't have a clue whats going on but you'll want to marry a voice by the end of it. Actually..... time to put the gas down now.

I had to go on a manhunt to find this game back in 2006. No one had it! Luckily Blockbuster was tired of their copy so I snatched it for $30+.

all I can say is GOGGALOR>godzila

I actually just joined this forum to post how happy I am that Yahtzee actually likes this game. It's one of the most endearing games ever released. However, in addition to the madness brought up in the review, there is also a very sinister tone to some of the game. Follow the story of the two cheerleaders (find them in the levels, and read the notice board), and it gets seriously creepy.

All-in-all, it's one of my favourite games of all time.

Tim Schaefer (or Schafer?) did a great job at LucasArts, and Psychonauts was fantastic when it first came out. Then there came Brutal Legend, which I felt was a kind of hit-or-miss game, it was fantastic in certain places and it was awful in other places. I was sick last October and spent a few days playing (and finishing) Costume Quest, which I loved and can heartily recommend (perhaps a good game for next Halloween?). Stacking is his latest, and is completely boring to me. Yet, I'm surprised Yahtzee hasn't reviewed either one, seeing how disappointed he was with Brutal Legend... Oh, well. I guess he's gotta review what he's told to review. I think that's why I'm watching these older vids of his - I liked them better before it was like a 'job-thing'. Oh, well... Keep 'em coming Yahtzee! :D

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