Shoot Club: Shot Club Part Four

Shoot Club: Shot Club Part Four

You think about what it must be like to be a cop. You think about what it must be like in Iraq. You think about the prospect of a little kid finding one. You think about people who've shot themselves in the head, in the mouth, or against the right temple. You think about how this could stop anyone from doing anything you didn't want them to do. You think about justice and power and crime and punishment and retribution and suicide, even if none of these words occurs to you. A new universe of implication is born from your first shot.


So, you're pretty much my hero Tom. It's like reading Chuck Palahniuk write about gamers ever week. This could not be better.

I was actually very sad to search your name on Amazon and not see a book available from you.

Anable, that's just about the nicest thing anyone who's not my mother has ever said to me. :) Thanks for the compliment.


Awesome. I shot a S&W 500 at an indoor range once...the sonic boom was intense, even with hearing protection.


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