114: Sociolotron: How the Other Half Plays

Sociolotron: How the Other Half Plays

"I was alone, so I decided to experiment. I tried to figure out what to do with the work tables to no avail. Then I engaged the sex altar. As far as I could tell it was purely decorative. I attempted to sit or lie on it, but nothing happened. I always ended up sitting or lying near it, but never on it. I fumbled with the controls for several minutes, cycling through various positions so quickly I looked like a grotesque marionette attached to a ceiling fan. Then I discovered the 'penetrate' command."

Russ Pitts explores Sociolotron.

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Really appreciated the article. The insight into avatar-human relations was really interesting, particularly the progression from objectification (focus upon appearance) to personalization (felt the need to protect; empathized) to identification (feelings of guilt, shame, feeling as if you were participating in the acts instead of the character). I'm sure most of us who play online games have gone through things like that, but this article managed to encapsulate so much in relatively little word space.


Would your emotional response have been different it were all text and no visuals -- "traditional" cybersex (what a concept!), I wonder? The presence of an avatar and another character creates a sort of personhood for both of you that you're stuck with, whereas with text you are free to use your imagination or change anything at any moment.

Sure the most significant lesson learned here -- and it's one that very few men can grok -- is the physical vulnerability that women live with 24/7. It doesn't have to affect their whole worldview, and I've known some women whom it would damned dangerous to mess with; but the simple fact of I-can-be-raped is something that women have and men don't, at least if they're not in prison. I get the impression you caught just a glimpse of that reality.

I found the article and the first two replies very interesting. My thoughts are still too fuzzy to encapsulate, though.

I find myself wondering whether I would have a similar experience as Russ, or if I'd be able to take it all at face value and have a bit of a giggle about all the horrible things that can and most likely do happen in what is effectively a guilt-free, or at least repercussions free environment.

I'm not so curious that I would go through the effort of actually playing the game though.........

Myself, I think I'd have an experience similar to Russ'.
In addition, I believe having text-only descriptions would make no change, as those descriptions are still there, to linger and sink in your mind.

In addition, I do not think it would have been much different had Russ' avatar been male and had this acts done to him (it?). The important point is the identification with the character.

I can only say that was a great article.
For many, thanks for doing something and relating it so that we don't have to. And for others, thanks for cracking open a door to another world.

In any case, that's real journalism--well done!

You do realise just how many men reading this site are now searching for Sociolotron on the internet.....

As a this game gamemistress said once, this game was meant to be mean. If you are not up or able to be the meanest, this is not your game. If you are mean enough to play this game, keep in mind that you are going to play against the gamemasters and the creator, and it won't be always a fair battle. But if you are looking for some casual bdsm cybersex, then, yes, this is your game. Expect nothing else cos nothing else you will get.

Here's a quote from the game's website (and it's not taken out of context, if you catch my meaning):

It's a jungle out there! If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen!

This game has a lot of mechanics, that would be considered mean at best in other games. You can be permanently eliminated. You can be put away into prison for some weeks! You can even be forced into prostitution or drug abuse. These points are made very clear from the beginning. That's why it's an adult game! If somebody does one or all of the things to you, it's no reason to complain to a game master. It's part of the alternate reality in the game. If someone runs after you and insults you, it's no reason to complain. If a character comes after you and insults or threatens you because you have a different hair color, different skin color or belong to a different cult, it's no reason to complain! Yes there is sexual, religious and racial discrimination and harassment in the game, just like in reality. Everything that's game related is just that: game related. If you can't stand that, don't play the game!

Ironically, when I play the game, I've found very few people there who weren't friendly and helpful. False advertising?

I often miss screenshots in these articles. I certainly did now.

You do realise just how many men reading this site are now searching for Sociolotron on the internet.....

not many theres a link on the 1st page of the article :p

That article made my skin crawl.


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