Games for Grades: Interview With Play N Trade Founder Ron Simpson

Games for Grades: Interview With Play N Trade Founder Ron Simpson

A manager of a GameStop outlet in Dallas, Scott began demanding proof of good grades, by way of report cards, before he would allow school-aged children to purchase games from his store.

Wouldn't a similar but less punitive program be a better idea? A program that rewards kids for educational excellence while not infringing upon those who don't is a simple and positive concept; why not do something like that instead? As it turns out, someone already has.

Andy Chalk talks to Play N Trade's Founder, Ron Simpson, about his "Games for Grades" program.

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This, Child's Play, and anything else like are the things we gamers should be backing vocally, and with our dollars.

You would think so. More than ESRB press releases or First Amendment victories, grassroots involvement with the community is what will really demonstrate to the world at large that the gaming community actually does have concern about not exposing inappropriate content to children. The irony is that the videogaming industry, generally speaking, takes a much more proactive approach to involving parents and keeping them informed than do the television, film or music industries, and yet there's a much greater tendency to believe that videogames are somehow "bad" for kids.


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