Letters to the Editor: The Crowd Goes Wild

The Crowd Goes Wild

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Yahtzee's reviews fly right over Drew Mewburn's head, and many others.

God forbid that The Escapist should host the most sarcastically funny reviews of games the world has ever seen.

The Escapist has sold out! You'll burn like witches! Yahtzee is a nazi!

Heh :)

Drew Mewburn:
What has happened to Journalistic Integrity?

In the field of video game reviews, it died when there was widespread, illogical, immature outrage over Gamespot giving The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess an 8.8/10. Now most reviewers are too afraid to cite the obvious flaws in the monster hyped titles. More recently, when the initial reviews came out for Halo 3, anyone that gave the game a 9.0 or below was criticized heavily, just as we see here. Most reviewers no longer tell it how it is.

We have people like you, Drew Mewburn, to thank for this.

Wait, Yahtzee is a game reviewer? I thought he was just ranting about the games The Escapist told him to rant about. I mean, reviewers give a conclusive number or rating at the end of a review. The last Yahtzee "review" ended with him describing his patented cock salad.

When it comes to my opinion of Halo 3, I give it 4 cock salads out of 5. Take that however you want.


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