Editor's Note: The Crowd Goes Wild

The Crowd Goes Wild

"October's a big sports month, a sports perfect storm. The baseball playoffs are in full swing. The football season is well underway, as is the hockey season. And pro basketball is over. That portion of my brain dedicated to stat tracking and backseat managing is firing up an electrical storm, and that current invariably makes its way to my gaming lizard brain. And I can't stop playing."

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Joe, I loved it.

There is one thing you missed among all the gaming and watching the games....FANTASY LEAGUE!!! I know that I am in 2 myself (I've cut down from my usual 4) so that I only have to concentrate on my fantasy football team and my fantasy hockey team (fantasy NBA will be coming up shortly). So, with all this fun, I'm sort of surprised that I haven't had a short circuit overload. The only better time (for me) is during March Madness when I have all my fantasy teams PLUS the bracketology! Oh, how I love March.

Anywho, great E.N. I agree and feel your pain.


PS...so much for our Yankees. Now it looks like the team is going to self-destruct!

I enjoyed this very much, which is interesting as I'm not much of a sports fan. At least, not much of watching them. I like playing hockey with friends, and I like playing the occasional game of some sort, but I just could never watch sports. I related to my roommate how I am a big gamer, and yet I can't enjoy watching gaming competitions on TV on a network like G4 (oh, how horrid that network is...). He did point out, however, that I'm also not very competitive.

So this week's issue may not have much for me, but I certainly enjoyed this editor's note.


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