Zero Punctuation: Zelda Phantom Hourglass

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AQhaha!i get it!You metioned Okami!Bravo!

I lold at the end referencing to Okami. xD

Hang on, I've watched this so many times and only just picked up on the Okami reference...


I want to request he do a full okami review and then i remember the game's like 4 years old or something

Just rewatched this and got the Okami reference, as apparently a lot of other people have. Awesome!

I just got the Okami reference!

i find it very funny as i was reading through the reviews of my favorite video, the first page was the common reviews people give of, its good, its bad, its OK and possibly meh. the last page all together was people going OH! it was an Okami reference... i am attributing this to the fact that Okami was a very unknown game from clover whom made other games that were also unknown until the company went under, suddenly its the best thing ever and needed to be ported to a new gen. its like when a artist dies i guess... its fair since the game was art.

i agree with you on all points of this review, but i am a latch key kid and was raised on Nintendo... so i still love zelda.

I found the drawing on the map retarded. Just show the icons and stuff like every Zelda game before it. It was annoying and pointless.

And for pete's sakes people, Animal Crossing is not new. It started on the N64.

Wow, I just looked it up and you're totally right xD (even though it's technically called "animal forest") Not sure how I or a lot of other people missed that. It also said something about being the beta of Animal Crossing.

Actually someone really did release a manga about a sewage encrusted rapist. You know, just in case you had any faith left in the human race, i should make you aware of that so that you don't waste your time.

thanks to your recent extra punctuation post, i finally get that last joke. i'm sorry human race.

Zelda has Ben going on for so long, Why is nintendo using all their talent and wealth on the same bloody fucking 3 series!!?!?!? Why not try abondoning mario and zelda and especially metroid, and make a new game, with no sequels remakes or anything, and all youre games from then new series, HOW ABOUT THAT!?!?!

And we wouldnt have it any other way ;)

i am a zelda fan so i still like the games it just i have yet to play the ds game i might not ever play it since i am to lazy to get it and also i here there not the greatest zelda games out there.

i am interested how the motion controls in skyword sword works out so i would still buy it after hearing/reading a few reviews. I don't trust the optimism of reviewers since they have a tendency give a 10/10 on any game they consider good while ignoring the flaws which should make it a 9, 8 or lower instead. despite that some of them can still make good points.

the okami reference was good; but i only realized it referenced to okami after watching it the second time. i don't know how i missed it

At the end there, you practically described the greatest game of all time: Okami. I would spend more time trying to convince you it's the best game of all time and the only bad thing you can say about it is that Issun is an annoying fucktard whose only dialogue is constantly about girls and boobs, but I'd rather just request that you play okami (PS2 version) and make a review of it. Whenever you have time.

loved the okami refference.

oh crap..... japan....spells....a dog.... drawing.....THATS FUCKING OKAMI!!!!!!!!

now i hear the game he describes at the end... i think disney tweaked the setting and character to make Epic Mickey.

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