Project Horseshoe: EA's New Deal

Project Horseshoe: EA's New Deal

"Organization design with these big teams and this open-source method of design is really part of game design," Verdu said, who believes that the days of the giant teams are over, even for EA. "Our teams are ramping down in terms of size, and we're giving them more time.


Saner organizational structures can only be a good thing. Allowing creativity to spread farther can also only be a good thing.

I really have to say, there was a time when the EA stamp meant horrible, rushed quality in a game, with little easter eggs in the levels saying "HELP US THEY NEVER LET US GO HOME!!!!! I MISS MY KIDS!!!"
But now, with their most recent titles being the Orange Box and Crysis, I have to say that they are starting to do better with things. Some of their more recent games feel less like that of a money-hungry corporation, and those employee complaints have been tapering off.

EA had nothing whatsoever to do with the creation of either of those games, Katana.

Maybe not, but EA's gotten better.

Those two kick-arse titles aside, Skate was pretty fun, and despite being extremely arcady for a racer, burnout: paradise looks like its going to be pretty fun too.


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