TimeShift: The Story Behind the Game

TimeShift: The Story Behind the Game

"Maybe a week before release," says Serviss, "Vivendi took a hard look at TimeShift." The muckymucks decided the game was ready to take the next step, and decided to position TimeShift as a AAA title, and release it in late 2007, opposite The Orange Box and Halo 3. Cue the time machine.

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Interesting article. I've been playing TimeShift on PC this past week and have been very pleasantly surprised with it. The single player campaign compares amazingly well to the FPS heavy hitters this fall, and I say that after playing through Bioshock, Halo 3, HL2: Ep2, and Call of Duty 4 pretty much consecutively. I wish the guys at Saber a lot of success. Sounds like they've earned it.

Seconded. I've played through CRYSIS, CoD4, UT3, and the closest comparison I can come up with is a cross beween GoW and F.E.A.R. ike the latter, it is a very "funnelled" shooter with several simple puzzles, but a whole lot of fun to play, and replay (and as violent...in a cinematic sense). I find myself playing it far more often than the the big name titles when I have free time, which at first seems odd, but then that is the undefinable side to fun...you can't explain it. Maybe because you don't have to think very hard, plan your moves carefully ahead of time or painfully re-load failed sections (that's just a minor thing in TIMESHIFT...I just find my self thinking "Okay, well that wasn't the right thing to do...no sweat"). I hope its' a 'sleeper hit', for the two main reasons of continued support from Vivendi and a larger Multiplayer audience (on the PC-its' very small at present).

I'm not sure. I haven't seen anything really amazing about this game so far (bar the time warping powers). It just seems to me like an adverage shooter but the said time powers.

Time shift is one of those solid B games(like the darkness,Metro 2033,Singularity,ect ) that go under the radar its not posh or shiny enough to be praised by the industry but its better than some AAA games.


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