Preview: Shadowgrounds: Survivor

Preview: Shadowgrounds: Survivor

There's no question that Shadowgrounds Survivor is not a game for the sophisticated palate. It has the subtlety of a kick to the groin and the emotional range of Dolph Lundgren, and obviously the story isn't going to win any awards for creativity. Instead, epitomizing the principle of doing one thing well, it offers intensely-focused action for an intensely-focused audience: guys who like shooting stuff.


Something in the original Shadowgrounds always seemed interesting to me. Maybe I just would have felt content blasting hundreds of aliens using insanely overpowered weapons. Maybe the protagonist's orange suit reminded me of the HEV suit. I dunno. At $10, I might consider it.

At $10, it's a bargain. Go for it, if the concept appeals to you at all. There's little that could go wrong.

Hoping to pick up the follow-up. There have been so many relatively high-concept, big-budget games lately that some very straightforward alien action sounds appealing to me.

Going to have a proper review of the full game posted (relatively) soon, but in the meantime, yes, ten bucks for Shadowgrounds is a sweet deal indeed. I paid 35 for the boxed version when it was first released and have no complaints.


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