Yahtzee Visits Valve, a Travelogue

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Well, it's probably better this way, so no one confuses the Democrats with a left-wing party.

Thanks for the information, that HAS been bugging me : )

I liked it, but I still ,miss those Videos...

where is the new video?
i needz it!

calm down :p

Damn it, Escapist! Stop changing the post times on us! First it was 11, then 12.

Better yet, give us the video as soon as Yahtzee sends it to you.

Excellent stab at Burger King's desire to discard popular nomenclature for describing the size of an object(s) in favor of some trendy horseshit. Know, however, that you are quite likely to wake up in your bed in the foggy midst of the night to find an unidentified individual, stiffly poised next to you wearing the giant plastic head of, "King Burger". His smile will say, "Hello friend," but - as the camera fades - you will be beaten to death with a pillow case containing a lethal combination of frozen patties and discarded Happy Meal toys.

Know that your bravery and wit will not soon be forgotten.

LOL! Yhatzee was less than a mile away from where I live at the University of Washington. That picture of him in front of the Seattle skyline was taken at Gasworks Park. I go jogging there sometimes. Small world huh?

wow to bad he didnt give halo3 a good review. Macrosoft would have probably giving him a golden house.

I love you British guy; who's review style just got ripped by some American kid!>

Valve gets +5 points in my book for inviting you over.
Its surely was a nice thing to do. (even if it has "marketing" written all over it, they're doing it the right way.)

Don't be fooled by your visit to western Washington.

It's the only sane place in the nation.

Never, ever go anywhere else. Not even eastern Washington. Especially not eastern Washington. I'm hiding here for the rest of my life.

It's fun when people talk about Valve and different places in Washington, since I live only 40 minutes away from Valve HQ.

You only went to seattle? what a teensy cross-section. You should see miami (fuck orlando its full of narcissistic disney whores).

And yeah BK is retarded. We don't make the menu, we just order by it.

Love the hat and I don't think you really qualify as being callipygous (refernce other video review), although I think of that word as having connotations of being plentiful on top of well shaped. Not that we got a clear view either way. :)

Edit: due to incomplete thought train posting...

I really want to go see the Valve headquarters now
I thought it was funny to finally see a picture of Yahtzee
he is no longer a voice with a hat to me anymore
Also i remember after i first shot a gun i too felt ready for a zombie apocalypse

The "medium is the new small" thing hit a couple years ago, im still not used to it myself.

Now you've had the American experience Yahtzee(Cries, play Wow, then eats a medium burger T_T)

i live in seattle :D

Oh that Burger King at Sea-Tac has fed me many a times.

Ive wondered the same thing about drink sizes.
I agree that valve never goes wrong, and the day it does, it still cant be as bad as half the modern games.

good read, kept me entertained for a while,
nice work

hahaha awesome travelogue, and love the ending (we love you Brits too)

Don't get us americans wrong! we're all fat and stupid and fat. Don't let good experiences with the whose-who-ians cloud the justifiably-negative mindset...

well...some of us are just fat, and quite a large number are just stupid.

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