Black Friday Rule

Black Friday Rule

I've worked my fair share of Black Fridays, which has since inspired me to always add "that I don't have to work retail tomorrow" to my list of things for which I'm thankful, right after the part about a healthy family and that I don't have any terminal illnesses.


your words touched me, and i thank you for saying them. i work in retail at a local target, and of course, i was there friday morning at 3 a.m. i've done this gig 3 times now, and thought that i had managed to find some sort of order and predictability to the swarming chaos, but i was only lying to myself. this year seemed to be worse than any of the previous years. and take a guess at what 60% of people wanted... 360's, PS3's, and Wii's. needless to say that we were out of stock of all three, their controllers, games, and virtually every accessory you can throw on these consouls within the first three nanoseconds of the doors opening. i didn't know that black friday shoppers had "Time Shift" ability, cause they moved faster and with more varousity than i've seen from hungry predators on animal planet. reminded me of the raptors from jurassic park, and i didn't have a shotgun.

i'm just glad i don't work as a cashier, but i work on the floor, which might be just as bad. as you said it sean, people lost all sense of reason or literacy, proclaiming me to be the son of the devil for telling them that we don't have anymore of what they want. as if it was all a plot by me to have their kid have an merriless christmas cause they didn't get that extra Wii remote and big screen TV they need cause the last Wii remote became imbedded in the TV. i saw some one at 4 a.m. buy 5 56inch plasma TVs. what the fuck is that about?!

anyway, i'm just happy to hear some one praise and salute those of us who have to be on the recieving end of so much violence and hatred in one day. now i wish there was one of those older miller commercials for us. those "we salute you, mister...." with the singer repeating what the announcer says. i'd like that.

What I think I realized this Black Friday was that if you REALLY want something at a cheap deal, you need to think smart. You need to avoid the giant super stores that everyone goes to like they're churning with black plague carrying rats and you're covered in cheese. I arrived at Best Buy at 5:30 in the morning with the goal of buying a new laptop. Once I discovered that EVERYTHING was gone, even the stuff not on sale, I drove 5 minutes to the nearly empty Office Depot and got my new computer at a good deal.

That people line up on Wednesday at Best Buy, the check out line at Fry's was 4 hours long, it seems to me that Black Friday has become the highlight of American greed and stupidity where we show how little concern we have for other people and only care about our immediate concerns.

As a manager at GameStop, I worked 12 hours of insanity on Black Friday. I had to wake up at 3am. Never again, man. I gotta get out of this racket.

Might I recommend the movie "What Would Jesus Buy"?:
(flash site, sorry :-()

From Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping:

Great article.

And props for Flogging Molly title reference.

Black Friday is the worst holiday.


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