Like a Flame at a Moth Convention

Like a Flame at a Moth Convention

"To one side lies a demo of Daigasso! Band Brothers, where anyone with a DS can join in on the musical fun. Up on a shelf sits Samba de Amigo, still in the box, not too far from a Neo Geo console that's still in the shrink-wrap. Across from that are several Japanese box sets and special editions. Everything is laid out carefully. 'Visually, I try to have rare stuff and the paragons of the genre prominently on display,' says Carlson. For those walking by, the booth acts like a flame at a moth convention. It's a guaranteed talking point."

Brad Rice hits the floor with the dealers.


I would like to personally curse this article, for I now own a copy of Metal Wolf Chaos.
Damn you ebay. Damn you Escapist Magazine and your quality writing and content!

I was always surprised that Metal Wolf Chaos never made it over here.

I mean, you're the US President fighting terrorists and a military coup in a gigantic robot.

How much more awesome and redblooded American can you GET?!


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